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This Cybunny is a member of the resistance, carrying important information that Gorix needs. She was chased through the bowels of the space station by Ylana Skyfire. After meeting up with Gorix, she became a key member of the resistance, eventually revealing her actual name to be "Scout".


You will never take me alive!
Of course I won.
Danger I presume?
This mission is most confusing...
Where did you come from?
You should get out of this business of fighting.
This is one fight I won't lose!
Let's make a deal. You lose.
Now you will feel pain.
I have a good feeling about this!
Now we will have a blast.
Take that you monsters!
This is not what I expected.
You won, I can't believe you won...
This headache is really making me angry!
Dropping all pretense eh?
You and I have unfinished business...
You will regret that.
You are quick, but are you quick enough?
Now this might make you cry.
Not very civilized are you?
You seem awfully young.
Unfortunately, for you, you don't stand a chance against me.
Gorix just radioed for help, but I've got giant brain-eating bugs chasing me, so this mission is all yours, recruit! Get out there and help direct Gorix and his friend safely away from the Space Station, all right?

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Scout is the fifth opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 2.

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