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Jerdana is the sorceress of Altador - the Darkest Faerie was imprisoned in stone using an Orb she made. Jerdana caused the time-bubble that hid Altador from Neopia for 1,000 years and created the puzzles in the Altador mini-plot. She is also known as The Protector. Before joining King Altador's council, she was already friends with Siyana.

In the Darkest Faerie game, she posed as an old lady in Faerieland. The Darkest Faerie captured her, but she was freed by Roberta. As thanks, she gave the Acara an amulet that would protect her from the Darkest Faerie's magic.


I did indeed steal Altador's history, but for the noblest of causes.

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In the Darkest Faerie game, her statue had the inscription, "Bright sorceress of mystic might; Powers beyond compare. Wherever the Legends all shall meet, your presence will be there."

She is also a member of the Order of the Red Erisim.

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