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Sinsi the Ixi enjoys creating games to entertain her friends. There is just so many times you can count potatoes after all. Shapeshifter is her most successful puzzle and ever since Meridell was discovered, her puzzles have been perplexing pets from all over Neopia.


Do you like puzzles? Well if you do, you should like this game...
No, really... I think you'll like this one!
I created a complex game like Shapeshifter, and you don't think I can out potato-count you? Hah! Besides, I grew up in Meridell. What do you think I DID as a kid? Well come on, let's get to it. Better your embarrassment be over quick.
Berry counting? BERRY COUNTING?! I'm a top notch puzzle crafter, I'll have you know! Berry counting. Help the poor little Turmacs get enough to eat, the king says. Do I look like a Petpet herder? Hmph!

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