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Rufus was part of the Gadgadsbogen Puzzle in Neopets and he was a Grand Bogen, a position always held by Kougras. Though he personally claims to be in charge of the entire festival, he is truly the one who cleans up after festival is over. When old Maraqua was destroyed, he took in the refugee Petpets and now sells them in the Rock Pool.


What amazing Petpet specimens! I must study their behaviour. Help me out by seeing to their needs as I write down and analyse all this data I'm getting. After you've finished you can have the Blurf in my lunch bag. I'm not overly fond of them.
Maraquan Refugee Petpets at crazy prices!!!
Being the Grand Bogen is a big responsibility, but so is being a good host! It's especially important this month, we have lots of tourists visiting Mystery Island before summer is over.
You really think you can keep up with the Grand Bogen? You're on! Just make sure you keep those guests happy!

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