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This Draik is one of the castle guards in Meridell. In the Battle for Meridell plot, he was in charge of evacuating the townsfolk to inside the castle. He later appeared in a Better Than You, where he was named Meridell Guard #26, and had been given the job of guarding Hasees.


Leading sorcerers into battle is a bit like herding Gallions. They all have their own ideas about strategy, and no one cares to listen to orders. But you're not a sorcerer, right? Good. In that case, I'm ordering you to lead these flea-bitten wizards to victory!
Well, here I am. Guarding the Hasees. When Sir Jeran first became a knight, he fought the mighty Darigan hordes. Me? I get to guard Petpets. Yep, it's great to be protecting the kingdom from serious danger.

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