The Book of Ages

Prince Tourin Rathbone


It is thought this Gelert once kissed a Mortog, which then transformed into a princess! Later, he was trying to marry a princess in Brightvale, but had no proof of his royal bloodline. Tormund recovered it for him, and eventually he and Princess Dona were married in Faerieland.


Which way to the castle?
My heart flies free in this world. My love will bear the rose of my passion. Ouch! Oh my -- is that supposed to do that?
Ah, the mearest memory of her hair brings strength to my... ouch!... nimble fingers.
I just have to fix this one thing... Oh dear. I know it's not supposed to do that.
You! You're back for my Neopoints, aren't you! You sold my love like common scum and you want my Neopoints. Well you can't have it! You can't have it!
What is the matter with this mad, mad place? You're all covered in dirt and this place is so horrible! Why don't you live in a castle like civilized people!
Love? What did I ever know about love? She would rip my soul in twain and feed it to a Werelupe. Better to have never loved than to love at all.
Love letters? From my true love? Words alone cannot express my rapture! Take this! It is all the money I have left! I cannot imagine anyone more deserving than you! After I fix this twice-jinxed carriage, I will go to her immediately!
Love... The greatest force in the universe upon which all true hearts orbit. Ah, but I yearn for the merest glance from my princess. And soon, it shall be mine.
Oh, hello again my friends.
I've asked my precious Princess Dona's hand in marriage.
Well of course she did! The problem is with her family... They don't approve of me. They only want to see their daughter married into a royal family. They want me to prove that I'm of royal blood!
There is a book of my entire family lineage that could prove it... but it's located in my family crpyts in the Brightvale cemetary! The cemetary is quite dangerous. But you could get it! Oh please, do this last favour for me! Here's the key to the crypt! The cemetary is just beyond the bridge! I'll be waiting for you here!
Hello again my friends! Any luck with finding my family lineage book yet?
Have you gotten to the cemetary yet? It's right over the bridge. If you get to the lighthouse, you've gone too far!
You've found it! Oh thank you, THANK YOU my friends! This will show that stodgy family of hers that I'm a real prince! I don't have much left to offer you... but take this! I'm already the luckiest prince around! Now, I'm off to Brightvale Castle! Hmm... Where did I park my carriage...
As soon as I find my carriage, I'm off to Brightvale! Wish me luck, my friends!
Oh my friends, I have never known such happiness.
My heart's ambition could not have been fulfilled without the grace, nobility and effort expended by you noble heroes.
The tale of our love -- and your place in fulfilling it -- will be remembered in stories forever!
My love soars like this city -- and it would not have, had you not exerted such effort on my behalf.
Your deeds have been writ large in the tales of our love.
I remain, forever, in your debt for such charity.

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His name was revealed in the Darkest Faerie Video Game.

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