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Rufus J. Wanderwart


This unfortunate Mynci safari guide, sometimes called RJ or Menchi, seems to have wandered into the more dangerous parts of Mystery Island for his tour. He was selected as the mascot for the Great Mystery Capsule Adventure that was run in the NC Mall in September 2009. He sold five exclusive Mystery Capsules that he had discovered on his travels. He later returned with another batch of Capsules. He was also the tour guide in the Ultimate Field Guide book, where it was revealed he has a rivalry with Artemis Rambleshanks.

In his youth he played in a junior Yooyuball team as a goalkeeper.


...and if you look on your left you can see a thirty-foot-long lesser spotted... enormous... fanged... uh-oh.

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There is some confusion about his name. In the book, he was referred to as Rufus, but in his NC Mall appearances he was known as Menchi.

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