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Seradar is Brightvale's most acclaimed Sorcerer, appointed by the King himself. He took the young Roberta under his wing, teaching her the lessons she would need to know to become the sorceress she now is. When the Darkest Faerie took over Faerieland, Seradar was possessed by her evil.


Believe me, 1d4+1 damage is a lot nastier than it sounds!
In honour of Neopia's celebration of battle magic, my esteemed colleague has established a test to determine your readiness for magical battle. I find it somewhat rudimentary *sniff* but I suppose quaint methods have their charm. I found it simple to master, and I expect the same of you.
Ah, the wars of sorcerers. Of course, you are simply reenacting and not wielding deadly magic against your foe. We used to cast transmogrification spells and inversion curses. Good times, good times. Nowadays everything is so safe, you hardly notice when you've been defeated. Your move...
Ah, you think you can defeat an old and wise wizard such as I? Let's see about that.
Well, if we have to wait, I'm going to make use of my time at the palace library...
Ah, Fyora's library! Such a delight of learning...
That was supposed to be after the Council meeting.
I suppose you have a point. Now's as good a time as any... So then... Did you bring your training wand with you?
Then I have the perfect training for you! You'll have build a wand to use! You should be able to find all the ingredients you need for a wand here in Faerieland. I'll be here reading once you've found them.
Just one last part and your wand can be constructed! Try looking for a conductor stick in the various trees around the gardens. There seemed to be some excellent specimens of Faeriewood there.
Good! You've found all the elements you need to construct your wand. It will be a primitive one, but it should do for your lessons today. Now... let's weave these objects into a proper wand, shall we? Here you are! The first thing one learns about magic is that it has its own will and its own agenda. For our purposes, we can distill this agenda into categories which people call 'Faerie Alignments'. The alignments manifest as oppositely charged pairs of magic -- Faerie/Water, Earth/Air, Light/Dark. All of these magical energies can be channeled through you, through the wand. Before we begin, you should study this spell book. It is essential in protecting yourself against magical blasts. So, all ready then? Right. Let's give it a try then! Concentrate your energies and release your power through the wand.
Well done! Now that you know you can channel the energy through you, let's try hitting something. Let me find something to enchant... Ah! That book will do nicely. Try to aim at it and hit it!
Make sure to keep a close eye on the target. Keep it in your sights!
I doubt the patrons want you destroying their library, my lady! Keep an eye on the targets, Roberta.
Excellent! Now, let's try something a little more potent. Let the power build up inside you by holding it all in. Once you are fully charged, release your magical attack on the target...
Don't forget to keep control! Aim the power you've built up or you will waste it!
Remember, hold the power inside before releasing it.
You are learning fast Roberta. Now lets try to channel your power into rapid bursts. Unleash as many magic bolts as fast as you can. If you do it right, you'll notice the bolts homing in on your target!
You must be quick, Roberta. Now hit those targets!
Remember, you must be quick but controlled! Time your blasts and don't force them!
Good show, my lady! You remember my teachings on Motes and their magics, I assume?
You remember correctly! Take this Fire Mote and assign it to your wand. All of your attacks will be Fire-Aligned, doing additional damage to any target you hit. Hitting Water-Aligned targets will cause them to take additional damage! For now, just shoot that book with your fire magic.
For more advanced mote techniques, try building up your energy while using a mote!
When motes are used in a shield spell, they automatically repel any similarly charged magic away from them.
Excellent work. Take this outfit as a reward for all your hard studying, you've earned it!
Let's go finish our task for our Kingdom, my Lady. Queen Fyora should not be kept waiting.
Pardon me, my lady. It is getting late. Shouldn't you be getting some rest?
I wonder if they have the latest issue of Bindings and Wards around?
I should be getting some rest for myself soon.
The lady... Can't fight her powers... Too strong to resist her.
Nightmares from the clouds... Such hatred... Her vengeance will not be quelled...
She will come for you too! All of Neopia will be hers!
I never imagined things would go this way! Such raw talent! And from a 'diplomat' to a true hero!
I can't believe I was one of the first ones to train you in the ways of magic! You've learned so much now!
You have done wonderful things, here, but then again, we always knew you would!

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Seradar is also a member of the Order of the Red Erisim.

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