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Valin the Quick is perhaps one of the more famous, or infamous, thieves in the Thieves Guild. When the thieves attacked Terror Mountain, Valin stole Taelia's wand, and used it to encase the Snow Faerie in ice. When battle erupted between the Bori and the Thieves, Valin sided with Galem. However, he has remained in the Guild under Kanrik. He is still at large on Terror Mountain, attacking Lulu while she was searching for King Roo.


This fight won't last much longer.
Try a little harder next time!
They say Kanrik is the best thief of all time. Well I stole HIS wallet!
Too bad I have a mask on so you can't see who's beating you!
Whoops, are you slipping, you should be more careful.
Smoke and mirrors? Nah, I prefer Scorchstones and mirrors.
Back for more eh?
They don't call me Valin the Quick for nothing...
Are you trying to hide?
You will not return again soon.
Have you taking a look at yourself lately?
Hand over all cash you may be carrying...
Are you feeling ill? I feel great!
Nobody is a match for my sleight of hand!
I get a little depressed when I miss. That's why I NEVER miss!
Being a thief has trained me well...
Some attacks just make fighting more fun.
Are you getting a bit cold?
What's that over there? HA! I can't believe you fell for that!
You won't be able to fight me once I steal all of your weapons!
Hey you! Some past erm, 'associates' of mine have found out I've been hiding here, so I need to get off this island pronto. It's the finals for the volleyball tournament though, so I need you to take my place. If you score 1,000 or more you'll win! When it's safe I'll come back and if you've won the trophy I'll trade you it for this plushie I stol-- erm, found. Thanks a bunch pal!
Think you're quicker than me? No one stands a chance against me on the volleyball court! Come on, give it your best shot. If, by some miracle, you manage to beat me, then I'll give you this-- uh, completely legitimately earned item that I happen to have.

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