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The Wise Gnorbu


The wise Gnorbu maintains the official lunar calendar for Shenkuu and proposes a challenge to track the movement of Kreludor. If you guess correctly, you win a prize; if you guess incorrectly, you win a consolation prize.

He's also a master of much other knowledge, and was the first to discover that there might be something wrong with Neopia when the Moltaran mechanism began to malfunction. He dispatched his star pupil, Clara, and an adventurer, Roxton Colchester in the hopes of putting things right.


I carefully observe the movement of the globes and track them here on my chart. Do you think you have what it takes to accurately track the movement of Kreludor?
I have become wise through many years of puzzles and training my brain. Games such as this help achieve that goal. Give it a try, it will do you some good.
Not So Loud Please! You must lower your voices while on the temple premises. Knowledge and wisdom are granted only to those who seek it respectfully. Or are you perhaps seeking something more - material tonight? Of course you are! One moment, I'll fetch a bag for you.

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