The Book of Ages

Rasala the Bright


This elite Bori mage weaves powerful magic. She channels her energy directly from the crystals in the Bori caves on Terror Mountain. Recently, she took over the Order of the Red Erisim, a group of powerful wizards. Previously, she had been the apprentice of Alshemar.


Is that all the powdered Gikerot fang you're bringing? This is a battle, not some festival of egg-like fruit. Prepare yourself.
Ha, it seems our enemies have no idea what we're capable of; they sent their weakest. Enlighten them.
Where did I put my wand charger? Aargh! I think I left it at home. *sigh*
We must do everything we can to claim the obelisk. It's for the good of all Neopia.
Oh, they'll never see THIS spell coming... I designed it myself this morning!
You're doing splendidly! I knew it was a good idea to allow you into the Order.
Some of our opponents have really come out of the woodwork. This only proves the value of our cause! We must save Neopia from them.
What do you mean, fireballs aren't the answer to everything? Of course they are. You just have to ask the right questions.
Oooh, that spell went all glittery. Wasn't expecting that. I'll keep it in mind next time I want fireworks.
This is absurd. No one is more equipped to deal with the obelisk than us. Why must they fight us?
*sigh* I love the smell of fireballs in the morning...
A little fireball down your back never hurt anyone... much. It's all in fun.
Isn't this fun? I expect some of the Order have forgotten the thrill of using magic instead of just studying it.
I'm running short on spell components. I'll be right back; you keep fighting.
Hmm, perhaps I underestimated them. A fresh wave has arrived, slightly more challenging. Still no match for you.
Release the FIREBALLS! Ahem. We are under attack. I suggest you make yourself useful.
That magic-less faerie chaser! Ooh! Don't hold back now. Show them what real magic is for!
My counterparts in the other factions have appeared. It's up to you to defeat them, or the obelisk is lost.
That monster was plucked from my nightmares... who could do this? Please, you must help me!
I told everyone there was powerful magic in the obelisk, didn't I? This Oracle hails from ancient days. We have a lot to learn from her, which is why I'm assigning you the task of studying her magic.
If that last spell hadn't misfired, I'm sure we could have taken 'em all. Magic is pretty powerful. It must be, to have preserved the Oracle all this time. But it has limits. Anyway, we've collected a few things from the battlefield; take a look and choose your rewards.
Oh, let's get on with this fight.
I can't believe you beat me!
Step aside, and observe a sorceress in her element.
Your attacks do not alarm me. I am a powerful sorceress.
I'm curious -- Am I fighting you or babysitting you? At least try to defeat me.
Do you think I became leader of the Order because of my pretty fur? Ha!
Hold still while I aim...
The obelisk is MINE -- I mean OURS!
Xandra? Did you just compare me to Xandra? Oh, you're going down.
Hurry it up. I have an appointment with an enchantress in an hour.
Yield before I incinerate you.
The power of magic is not to be trifled with.
Release the fireballs! Mwahahahahaha!
HA HA HA HA! Nice try, little one.
You're in my way!

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