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Anshu is a part of the Cyodrake's Gaze crew, having the position of ship's doctor, though he apparently has various other ship skills as evidenced in the plot comics when he helped out in the storm.

When the ship is not flying or sailing around, which it seems to do no more, he runs the Remarkable Restoratives shop in Shenkuu, and collects stamps.


Hoban gave me some fancy explanation with lots of confusing nautical terms, but it was all Tyrannian to me.
Are you Sure You Only Want Treats?
I could throw in a few powders, maybe even some potions, to help restore your health. You look pale. Almost a deathly green. And your eyes! They look red and sunken. I might have just the thing. If you give me a moment, I am sure I can find it. Sorry, what? Makeup? Oh! You got me there!

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