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Orrin is a part of the Cyodrake's Gaze crew, keeping inventory of all the various items and supplies on the ship. Unfortunately for the ship's captain, Tuan, he always seems to be so lazy and slow to do his job. While the ship remains docked at Shenkuu, he runs the Exotic Foods shop there.

He's also the main character of the game Revel Roundup. In his spare time, Orrin is a keen singer. His rendition of 'Tenderly Weeps the Kyrii', a classic tune, is quite popular.


Well, uh... no. I've still got a bit more left to do, sir...
Last night, through the porthole, I heard a scream and saw someone fall into the water...
It looks like Exotic Foods is behind on deliveries again. Would you mind taking these baskets of food down the mountain for me? The faster, the better, but try not to spill them in the river
Oh bother, I'm running really late! The Lunar Festival is today and I haven't begun my preparations at all yet. Not to worry, though; I'm super fast when it comes to running errands. In fact, I bet I'm the fastest runner in Shenkuu.
Hey, you there, come quickly! Don't you know it's almost time for the Lunar Festival celebrations? I need help!

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