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Battle for Meridell


The Battle for Meridell began on February the 2nd, 2004 (Year 6), and lasted until the 13th of May. It served as a sequel to the Champions of Meridell plot, and is to date the last one-sided war plot released on Neopets.


The story picked up a short time after the events of Champions of Meridell, with Meridell and the Darigan Citadel observing an uneasy truce. However, this state of affairs was soon to change. Up in the Citadel, a former General, Kass, had assumed lordship after the disappearance of Lord Darigan. He began to remove all mention of the former Lord, while manipulating the people of the Citadel into hating the Meridell people, while imprisoning those who did not agree with him.

Meanwhile, a strange bat-like creature was discovered in the farmlands of north Meridell. The creature was soon rescued from death at the hands of farmers by Sally, who hid the creature (Mr. Scary as she called him) in her parent's barn. Slowly, Sally began to feed the creature up, recovering its strength.

Creature in the Barn

Kass meanwhile, prompted by visions from spirits known as the Three, began to convince the people of the Citadel that there was only one solution to their problems - declare war on Meridell. Under the pretence of peace, Kass sent the Court Dancer to King Skarl as a present. The Dancer immediately began weaving her magic, completely bewitching all the male occupants of the castle. With the King incapacitated, Kass launched a full invasion. Those outside the castle (such as Sir Jeran) were cut off from reinforcements. The situation looked dire as the armies of Lord Kass marched across the land.

Court Dancer

A small group of Darigan soldiers came across Sally's farm, and set about attacking the young Usul. Mr. Scary came to her rescue, revealing himself to be Lord Darigan - having somehow survived his destruction during the events of Champions of Meridell. With his memories restored, Lord Darigan dispatched the soldiers, and set off back to the Citadel in the hopes of stopping the war. Meanwhile, back in Meridell castle, Lisha had discovered she was immune to the Court Dancer's spell. The young witch managed to counteract the Dancer's spell, and revealed the ugly beast she truly was. With the spell over, King Skarl's mind was freed, and reinforcements were ordered to the front. Using giant petpets, and assaulting the Citadel directly using mounted Unis, Jeran hoped to end the war quickly.

Lord Kass

However, Kass had well fortified the Citadel, and a bitter fight began. Kass and Jeran met in battle, and Jeran slipped, falling from the Citadel to his apparent death. Appearing from nowhere, Lord Darigan challenged Kass. The old Lord defeated the new, and Kass fled to the inner chambers of the Citadel. Tormented for his failure by the Three, Kass collapsed to his knees as they enacted their punishment - vaporising him on the spot.

The battle was over, and Meridell was saved. Even Jeran turned out to be alive, having been saved during his fall by the Air Faerie, Psellia. A new truce between the two kingdoms was created - one not broken to this day.


Eight waves of Battledome challengers were released during the plot, which users could defeat for plot points. The waves were:


Numerous awards were handed out for those who participated:


The following prizes were sent out via neomail to users based on plot points:


Along with the items, the following trophy was awarded to everyone who scored at least 1 point:

Battle for Meridell Trophy

Depending on the number of plot points scored, the following titles were given to the trophies:


In addition, two avatars were available from this plot:

BFM - Squished Spiders

BFM - Squished Spiders

Awarded for defeating at least one Gigantic Spyder in the Battle For Meridell war.

Released: May 13, 2004

Darigan Redeemed

Darigan Redeemed

Awarded to users who fought for Darigan in the Champions of Meridell war and then participated in the Battle For Meridell war.

Released: May 13, 2004

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