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Brucey B and the Lucky Coin


Brucey B and the Lucky Coin was a plot launched on June 12th, 2001 (Year 3). It lasted until July 10th, and was the first plot to use flash movie-style storytelling in instalments. It is also the first plot to largely still have all pages on the site, as most plots before it had pages removed. In addition, this plot introduced the Lost Desert as a world.


The story began at the Year 3 Annual Neopian Cheat! Championships. With the help of a mysterious lucky coin, Brucey B was able to win round after round, eventually defeating Capara and 00 Hog in a final lasting just 20 minutes. Brucey B was awarded the trophy, and the 250,000 Neopoint prize. Meanwhile however, a mysterious figure monitored Brucey, paying particular attention to his lucky coin.

Brucey B

Upon returning home, Brucey found a letter waiting for him, signed by someone who identified themselves as R.S. The letter invited him to a private game of Cheat! with a minimum buy-in of 100,000 Neopoints. Despite Capara telling him not to, Brucey decided he would attend the game.

Brucey arrived at the private game, and was shown inside by a mutant Grundo. There, he found a game attended by the mysterious R.S. (later assumed to be Spectre), Tuborr, and Jo Jo the Lip. Due to the cheating ways of R.S., Brucey soon found himself losing badly, and was forced to wager his lucky coin. He lost the hand, and the coin, and as a consequence was kicked out of the building. Brucey was heartbroken, but his friends, Princess Fernypoo and Capara, managed to convince him that together they may be able to recover the coin.

The search for the mysterious R.S. didn't go well, as even Kauvara couldn't supply them with any clues. Meanwhile, R.S. met with the figure that had been observing Brucey - none other than Dr. Sloth. R.S. supplied him with the lucky coin, and the doctor took off in a carrier ship full of mutant Grundos.

Lucky Coin

With no clues in Neopia Central, Brucey and his friends decided to consult the Brain Tree in the Haunted Woods. He proved much more helpful, telling the friends that the coin had been taken far away, to a land beyond the Haunted Woods. The three friends ventured forth, and narrowly avoided grizzly fates in the depths of the woods before emerging on the other side - the first people to manage such a feat in generations. To their surprise, they found desert sands in front of them.

Dr. Sloth was one step ahead of the three friends, having already reached the desert. He and his troops made their way to a giant Sphinx statue, and tried to gain access using their energy weapons. However, the surface was untouched by their efforts, and Sloth was forced to come up with another plan.

Dr. Sloth

Brucey and his friends soon came across a city in the desert sands, Sakhmet. Brucey continued to look for clues, and was eventually directed to the Great Pyramid, where he found R.S. At the same time, Dr. Sloth discovered that the lucky coin was the key to opening the doorway into the Sphinx, and proceeded inside. There, he found a treasure room filled with many riches, and the object he desired - a magical staff. Brucey and his friends arrived just at that moment, only to have Sloth turn his new found magic upon them. Capara was transformed into a Wadjet, while Princess Fernypoo was mutated into a horrible creature. Only Brucey was able to escape such a fate, by running as fast as he could. With such amazing power, Sloth and his army marched towards Sakhmet, bent on destruction.

Rock Beast

With Brucey and his mutated friends following haplessly in their wake, Sloth's army stormed the city. The futuristic weaponry and Sloth's magical staff seemed too much for the city to handle. Brucey came up with a desperate plan, to recruit locals into an army to help defend the city. With their help, the city residents began to turn the tide of the battle, and fight back the mutant Grundos. Dr. Sloth however refused to go down without a fight, and used the magic of the staff to summon a large Rock Beast. Thankfully, the local residents were able to band together to destroy that as well, completely defeating Sloth's army. Meanwhile, Brucey challenged Sloth directly, and during a brief scuffle, destroyed the magical staff. The magic it had performed was undone, returning Capara and Fernypoo to their original forms. Defeated, Sloth escaped in a rocket, vowing to return one day. Brucey meanwhile recovered his lucky coin, allowing him and his friends to return to Neopia Central.


Brucey B and the Lucky Coin was the second war plot on Neopets. Users took part by challenging and defeating Battledome opponents that were gradually released towards the end of the plot. They were:

Each win in the Battledome would earn users a single plot point.


Numerous awards were handed out for those who participated:

Items and Neopoints

Prizes were also distributed for this plot via neomail, though the exact point requirements for each prize is unknown. In addition to small Neopoint prizes, users were awarded:


Trophies were awarded for this plot, but it is unknown what the exact point requirements were. Each trophy had a lower and higher rank, depending on the points scored. The trophies were:

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