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A Curse on Maraqua


Beginning on the 17th of August, 2001 (Year 3), A Curse on Maraqua (otherwise known as the Destruction of Maraqua) is one of the few plots that featured absolutely no user participation. It lasted until the 23rd of August, and marked both the temporary retirement of Maraqua as a land, and the introduction of Krawk Island.


The plot began with a strange submarine captained by Dread making its way to Maraqua. There, he had an audience with King Kelpbeard (then known as the Koi King). Captain Dread demanded protection money, but due to bad harvests, Kelpbeard refused. Dread left the city, claiming that he would destroy all of Maraqua. Dread made good on his threat, and no more than a day later, Maraqua was swallowed up inside a great whirlpool.


Following the destruction of Maraqua, a great many changes were made:

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It wasn't long before an eyewitness report from Lochren and Dunbarrie, two local fishermen, surfaced. They claimed a black storm had gathered over Maraqua prior to the whirlpool forming. Eventually, two explorers named Bayner and Fingholl managed to lower themselves through the whirlpool and observe the destruction. They confirmed the complete destruction of Maraqua, and discovered no survivors in the rubble.

Several years later, a sequel to this plot, named Curse of Maraqua, was released. This detailed the story of the city's few survivors.

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