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The Darkest Faerie was a game released for the Playstation 2 (in the US) on the 15th of November, 2005. The plot of the game serves as an introduction to the land of Altador and a prequel to the events of the Altador Plot. The game went through several versions, originally being intended for the Playstation One and featuring Grimilix and Sally as playable characters.

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The tale began in Meridell, on the Ellis family farm. Tormund Ellis was dispatched on an errand by his father, Hubert. The young Lupe had to deliver a package to Meridell Town. On his way, Tor saw an old beggar being attacked by bandits. In return for helping out the old Techo (later revealed to be a disguised Kelland, legend of Altador), Tor received a special magical amulet before continuing on his path to Meridell Town. Upon reaching the town, Tor had his package stolen by Heermeedjet and Meerouladen. The Meerca Brothers tried to make off with their prize, only to be stopped by a mysterious old Lupe knight (King Altador, again in disguise). Tor continued on his way to the town's army recruitment centre, where he was mistaken for an applicant for the position of squire. With little other choice, and secretly desiring to be a knight, Tor completed the tests required to be a squire. He managed to secure sponsorship from Master Torak (a disguised Torakor), though still required letters of permission signed by his parents.

Tormund Ellis

Tor returned to the Ellis family farm, only to find that his little sister Lucy had wandered off into Shadowglen Woods and had not returned. Tor ventured into the dangerous woods and saved Lucy from a monster named the Juppie Plant Beast. Proving that he was brave and responsible, Tor's parents agreed to sign his papers. Tor returned to Meridell Castle, hoping to become a knight. Meanwhile, far across the ocean, the evil Darkest Faerie rose from her 1000 year sleep at the bottom of the ocean.

It wasn't long before Tor was dispatched on his first mission, to save the town of Cogham from a band of Ixi Raiders. Tor succeeded in defeating their Chieftain. With his skill in battle proven, King Skarl promoted Tor to a fully fledged knight. Not long after, the Werelupe King attacked Illusen in her Glade, and King Skarl dispatched knights to aid her. Despite not being included in the original party, the old Lupe Knight convinced Tor that he should follow them anyway and help out. The Werelupes soon managed to capture the Knights, and it was left to Tor to free them all. The Werelupe King dispatched Gnarfas against Tor, while stealing Illusen's Charm. Things quickly went from bad to worse as the old Knight was struck down by the Werelupe King. The Darkest Faerie, in league with the Werelupe King, took her chance and possessed Illusen. Tor managed to defeat Gnarfas, but was forced to leave the Glade by the possessed Illusen.

Dark Faerie Sisters

With the Darkest Faerie's magic quickly spreading across all of Meridell, Tor made his way back to the Castle. There, he discovered that he had arrived too late, and the Darkest Faerie had already taken possession of King Skarl and his knights. The Darkest Faerie appointed the Dark Faerie Sisters (Spite, Malice, and Vanity) to watch over the castle as she made her way to Faerieland with the aim of defeating Fyora. Tor barely managed to escape the clutches of the Dark Faerie Sisters, with the help of a maid named Faun (Fauna in disguise).

Up in Faerieland, Princess Roberta of Brightvale, a trainee sorceress, arrived with her tutor, Seradar on a diplomatic mission. While exploring the city, Roberta came across an old Aisha (Jerdana, again in disguise) who gave her a magical amulet remarkably similar to the one Tor received. Though Fyora agreed to look into the dark clouds appearing over Meridell, the following night the Darkest Faerie arrived in the city and captured Fyora. The Darkest Faerie's powers of possession soon spread across everyone in the city, except for Roberta. The young Princess attempted to flee the city, and came across the old Aisha trapped by the Darkest Faerie. Roberta succeeded in freeing the old Aisha, and she directed the Princess towards Meridell in the hopes of finding the Lupe, Tor. Roberta managed to escape Faerieland on her Uni steed, Solarin, before being knocked off and falling down to Meridell below.


There, she finally met with Tor. Together, they discovered that their magical amulets were protecting them against the Darkest Faerie's magic. They decided to seek the help of King Hagan in Brightvale. Meanwhile, the Darkest Faerie decided to hire the Gelert Assassin to deal with the duo. Tor and Roberta reached Brightvale, and there King Hagan charged them with the task of stopping the dark clouds reaching the kingdom. In the royal library, they discovered information claiming that the Darkest Faerie destroyed the land of Altador, over 1000 years ago. For her crimes, Fyora fought her with a powerful wand known as Fyora's Rod, and an artifact called Jerdana's Orb. With both magic items, Fyora was able to seal the Darkest Faerie away in stone. After the battle, Fyora gave her rod to the King of Meridell. Hoping that Fyora's Rod could defeat the Darkest Faerie again, Tor and Roberta decided to return to Meridell Castle to recover it.

On the way, the duo entered the village of Bogshot, and cured the plague there. In the process, they defeated one of the Darkest Faerie's minions, Kastraliss. Doing so liberated the area from the Faerie's control. The path to Meridell was blocked by strong magic however, and it seemed that the only way to get past it was to recover Illusen's Charm from the Werelupe King.


Tor and Roberta ventured into the Werelupe Woods, where they found Sophie the swamp witch. She informed them of a secret way into the Werelupe Burrows. However, while searching for it, Roberta fell into a trap. Tor entered the lair and defeated the Werelupe King once and for all, recovering Illusen's Charm. With their leader gone, the remaining Werelupes scattered. Tor and Roberta returned to Illusen's Glade, rescuing Tor's family from Shadowglen Woods on the way and liberating the farmlands, and protecting the town of Cogham from a resurrected band of Ixi Raiders. When Tor and Roberta finally reached Illusen's Glade, they fought and defeated the Gelert Assassin before restoring Illusen. The Earth Faerie's magic liberated her Glade, while she gave Tor a Faerie Globe capable of removing the magic surrounding Meridell Castle.

On the way to Meridell Castle, the two freed Market Town from the Darkest Knight, one of the Darkest Faerie's minions. Upon reaching Meridell Town, Tor and Roberta sneaked into the Castle via the sewers. There, they continued on deep into the dungeons and the ancient caves below. There they found the Castle's vault, and an undead skeleton guarding it. Defeating the treasure's guardian, they claimed Fyora's Rod. Tor and Roberta made their way back up into the Castle, where they used Fyora's Rod to defeat the Dark Faerie Sisters and free Skarl from the Darkest Faerie's possession. With Meridell saved, Tor and Roberta made their way to Faerieland with Solarin's help. There, they challenged the Darkest Faerie directly, but were beaten. The Darkest Faerie claimed Fyora's rod, but not before Tor and Roberta entered a magical portal that sent them far away - to the land of Altador.

Tor and Roberta

There they met the old Lupe Knight, not dead as Tor had assumed. King Altador revealed his identity, and the fact that Altador had never been destroyed by the Darkest Faerie. Instead, the entire city had been stored within a bubble of time, separating it from the rest of Neopia. Tor and Roberta travelled to each of the different areas of Altador, freeing the guardians that had helped them from the Darkest Faerie's curse (Torakor, Kelland, Fauna, and Gordos). With their combined power, they were able to free Jerdana, and completely restore the city. Jerdana gave Tor and Roberta her orb, the second of the magical artefacts needed to defeat the Darkest Faerie. Tor and Roberta returned to Faerieland, where they fought the Darkest Faerie again. They used Jerdana's Orb, and trapped the Darkest Faerie in stone once again. With the world saved, Tor and Roberta were hailed as heroes, while the Darkest Faerie's statue was stored in Queen Fyora's personal gardens.


The game came with a paper manual with some additional details not otherwise available. (Thanks to Pikachu315111 for the scans in this section!)

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