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Green Jelly Plot


Beginning on 12th of June, 2003 (Year 5) and lasting until the 23rd, the Green Jelly Plot was a short tale with no plot comics or story besides the few news announcements made while it was running. It is the last plot that involved no user participation.


Green Jelly
"Who ate me?"

You might have heard rumours of a place known as Jelly World. It's a place many deny exists...and thus it should be.

A place made of Jelly could not exist. But if a place like that would exist, there could be a place with Green Jelly in there, right?

If this would be the case, we could visit this place and see this Green Jelly for ourselves.

Let us assume we can. Once we arrive at this non-existing place, we find the remains of a once huge and green jelly, associated with an appropriate text:

Wow, a previously-unexplored area of Jelly World! Looks like somebody, or something has been busy nibbling at this yummy green jelly!

Ghostkerchief Black Mazzew Ghostkerchief

But what caused this magnificent green jelly to be nothing more than the remains we now witness?

It was eaten, of course. But by whom? A single individual could not eat a jelly that had been so huge. Many individuals would have been needed...

On the New Features page for the June 12, 2003, a bit in the news mentioned petpet disappearances. Many Neopians had had their petpets mysteriously disappear. This was part of a plot known as the Green Jelly Plot. The plot featured no user involvement, other than everyone losing their petpets.

Days went by and on the 16th of June, 2003, TNT posted this in the news:

PETPETS VANISHING - Apparently more and more petpets have gone missing... we still have no explanation. We think we know who is behind it, but there could be no way.. he was defeated years ago...

Days went by again and finally, on June 21, 2003, people discovered the Green Jelly, with all the petpets munching on it's delicious jellyness. Apparently, that's where they have been for many days:


FINALLY, on the 23rd of June, 2003, the petpets returned to their owners along with this message in the news:

Wow - it seems all the petpets that were missing have returned to their owners. I wonder where they went... it's a shame that they can't talk. :( One thing is for sure, they all seem VERY happy!

With the petpets back and the Green Jelly gone, everyone was quite happy... if it were to have happened.

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