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Hannah and the Ice Caves


Hannah and the Ice Caves was a plot released on October 21st, 2004 (Year 6). It lasted until the 22nd of December, though would presumably have lasted longer had certain elements not been cancelled mid-plot. It served as a loose sequel to the events of the Hannah and the Pirate Caves game. It marked the introduction of the Bori race, and was the first plot that Jellyneo did coverage for.


The story began in the Thieves Guild, a hidden location in Neopia. There, the leader of the Guild, Galem, came across mention of a gemstone on Terror Mountain that would grant eternal life, the key to which lay hidden in a tomb. Galem dispatched his thieves to locate the tomb, with orders to meet him on Terror Mountain the following month. Not long after, the notorious adventurer Hannah was approached by Kanrik. He claimed that his sister was dying of an illness, and that a cure could only be found in a lost tomb. Hannah agreed to help Kanrik locate the tomb, and the two set off to the Lost Desert.

Kanrik and Hannah

The duo soon located the tomb, but Hannah accidentally triggered an ancient booby trap, which burnt the mark of Ka-Tutep into her skin. Hannah stumbled and fell off a cliff, with Kanrik refusing to help her. He continued deeper into the tomb, and recovered an ancient coffin—intending to return it to Galem. Hannah meanwhile managed to recover herself and located a pendant in the tomb, before making her way back to the surface. There, a local medic informed her that her new mark was a powerful curse, one that could not be healed locally. Hannah ignored the warnings, and continued to Terror Mountain, bent on revenge.

On Terror Mountain, Galem set about his plans, dispatching the thief named Valin to see Taelia. The mischievous Mynci attacked the Snow Faerie and stole her wand, using it to trap her in a block of ice. With Taelia out of the way, Galem's hand was freed to do as he liked on the mountain. Meanwhile, Hannah made her way through a blizzard on the mountain, and was weakened by the mark of Ka-Tutep. She collapsed in the snow. The magic of the amulet which she stole from the tomb barely kept her warm until a Bori recovered her and brought her to his cave. He introduced himself as Armin, and proceeded to explain the history of the long lost Bori race.


He explained that long ago the Bori lived on the mountain, but a monster known as the Bringer of Night arrived and desired their treasure. In order to protect them, the Keeper of Time, leader of the Bori, used the magic of the Heart of the Mountain to freeze them in ice. Armin revealed he had woken from his sleep a few days earlier, and did not know where the rest of his people were.

The next morning, Kanrik was visited in his dreams by Masila, a cunning thief planning to betray Galem. She urged Kanrik to release the Bringer from the coffin he recovered, and in a dazed state, he complied. The Bringer proceeded to attack the Thieves Guild camp, creating soldiers made of ice. The power of the rising sun melted the ice army, and Galem was able to forge a deal with the Bringer. However, enraged at the creature's early release, Galem banished Kanrik from the Thieves Guild. The wandering thief soon came across Hannah and Armin, and during the ensuing fight, a secret passage further into the mountain was revealed. The three made an uneasy truce and continued deeper into the caves, hoping to wake the Bori and warn them of the Bringer.


Both parties reached the Bori's chamber at once, and Kanrik instructed Hannah and Armin to hide. Both the Bringer and Galem located the Heart of the Mountain at once, and the Bringer double crossed the thieves, summoning his ice soldiers once more. As the battle raged on, the Keeper of Time began to wake, and instructed Hannah to unite her pendant with the Heart. Kanrik challenged and bested Galem, while Hannah restored the Heart of the Mountain with her amulet. The magic of the Heart freed the remaining Bori, and they too joined the battle against the Thieves Guild. As Masila ran from the battle, the Bringer struck and smashed the Heart of the Mountain. The magic however froze him solid, and Armin took his chance to shatter the monster with a single pebble. Without their master, the ice army melted, and the remaining thieves elected to run. Hannah meanwhile collapsed from the power of the curse. She was immediately rushed to see Taelia, and the Keeper of Time freed the Faerie from the ice. Taelia succeeded in lifting the curse, though the mark remained on the Usul's skin.


With Galem gone, Kanrik assumed leadership of the Thieves Guild, while the Bori returned to Neopian life. Hannah meanwhile returned to telling stories of her adventures in Krawk Island taverns, all the while watched from the shadows by a vengeful Masila...

Originally, a joke ending was released where Dr. Sloth arrived and turned Hannah into a mutant. View It »


Hannah and the Ice Caves was a two-sided war plot. Users were able to side with either the Thieves Guild, or Hannah, and would fight Battledome Challengers based on their choice. For each side, two waves of challengers were released.

The opponents for Hannah's supporters were:

Wave 1, Hannah's Opponents

Wave 2, Hannah's Opponents

The opponents for the Thieves Guild supporters were:

Wave 1, Thieves Guild Opponents

Wave 2, Thieves Guild Opponents

Originally, a logic puzzle element to the plot was also planned, with Galem hosting a dinner for some high ranking thieves. However, due to time constraints, this portion of the plot was cancelled. After cancellation, most of the Guildmaster's Dinner pages were removed, along with the images of the exclusive avatars the guests were using.


Numerous awards were handed out for those who participated:


The following prizes were given out after the plot via neomail, based on plot participation:


Based on the number of points gained during the battle, Hannah supporters were awarded a trophy:

Based on the number of points gained during the battle, thieves guild supporters were awarded a trophy:

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