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Hunt for the Battledome


The Hunt for the Battledome is the second plot released on Neopets. This plot was one of only three in Neopets history to have no user involvement (the others being the original Curse on Maraqua plot and the Green Jelly plot). The plot was launched on October 2nd, 2000 (Year 2) and lasted until the 13th. Amongst other things, this plot introduced the original version of Maraqua, and the Battledome. All pages regarding this plot have now been removed from the site.

Battledome Grarrl Battledome Kacheek


The story began with three pets discovering a brochure for a long lost location known as the Battledome in their attic. The three pets were Sarkis, Ursulla, and Buckley (a pet based on one owned by TNT member Donna).


The three pets later heard a report from a Neopet named Benjamin on Mystery Island who claimed to know something about the Battledome, and that it may have been in possession of a Neopet known as Professor Chesterpot. The trio set off in a boat to Mystery Island, but on the way they were capsized by the monster known as Chiazilla.

Rather than drowning, the three pets discovered the underwater city of Maraqua, and along with it Professor Chesterpot. The Professor did indeed possess the Battledome, though it was a secret that even King Kelpbeard (then known as the Koi King) did not know. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Dr. Sloth learned of the Battledome, and kidnapped Professor Chesterpot in order to claim the Battledome for himself. A water faerie (possibly Nereid) arrived in Maraqua to warn King Kelpbeard about the danger of the Battledome and request that he help recover the Professor. Seeking to stop them, Dr. Sloth unleashed his newest creation, a robot named Mechachiazilla, on the city.

The unexpected occurred when the real Chiazilla turned up to defend the city from his metal counterpart.

Chiazilla Fight

With the city no longer in danger, the three heroes managed to rescue the Professor and thwart Dr. Sloth's plans. In gratitude for being saved, the Professor agreed to share the Battledome with all of Neopia, to stop it ever being fully controlled by Dr. Sloth in the future.

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