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Journey to the Lost Isle


The Journey to the Lost Isle was a plot that began on the 1st of May, 2007 (Year 9). It lasted until the 1st of June, being one of the shortest plots in recent history. Although the ending and Coming Soon page hinted at a continuation of the plot, one has not been released so far.


The tale began with Professor Hugo Fairweather giving a lecture on a recent translation of the diary of Mad Tongue Murphy. Though he claimed that the journal spoke of an undiscovered island, he was laughed off the stage by his peers. A lone adventurer named Roxton A. Colchester III offered to go with him on an expedition to find the Lost Isle. Accompanied by the Professor's daughter, Lilian, and his assistant, Werther, the four set out to find a ship. They managed to secure the services of Captain Rourke and the SS Primella. The group set sail, only to find a young stowaway onboard, Scrap. Scrap took refuge on the ship after being accused of a crime he didn't commit. Reluctantly, Rourke agreed to keep him onboard.


The voyage didn't go exactly to plan, as the ship sailed straight into a storm that lasted for three whole days. The island came into sight, but the ship crashed against the rocks, running aground with extensive damage. The following morning the group set out to explore the island, while Rourke and Scrap stayed behind to repair the ship. It wasn't long before Lilian discovered an incredibly rare plant, though she also discovered a Petpetpet the size of a building at the same time. She narrowly avoided it, but the group soon discovered that the entire island was full to the brim with these strange creatures. They soon came across an ancient stone structure in the jungle, a clear sign that someone at some point lived on the island. Inside, they found detailed scientific drawings of the Petpetpets. Unfortunately, they also discovered a nest of a giant Moach. As the group fled the angry mother, Lilian and Roxton became separated, and were forced to take the long way back through the island jungle.

Giant Moach

Back at the ship, Rourke explained to the Professor that the island was moving, making escape difficult. The crew rushed to finish repairs before monsters from the island located them. Repairs were finished just as Roxton and Lilian returned - pursued by several giant Petpetpets. They barely managed to set sail without being eaten. As the ship sailed back to civilisation, Lilian revealed that it had not been a wasted trip. She still had the fruit she found on the island - proof of its existence.


Users participated in the plot by solving three puzzles, and fighting three Battledome opponents, both of which gave users plot points. TNT later released a solution to the plot. The Battledome opponents were:


Numerous awards were handed out for those who participated:


After the plot, a prize shop was released and users could claim prizes according to their participation:


A trophy was also awarded to all users who participated. Although it was the same trophy for everyone, plot points were displayed underneath it.

Isle Seeker
Isle Seeker

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