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Legends and Letters was a mobile app released in early 2019 (Year 21). It was the first story driven app released for Neopets, and served as a loose sequel to the events of Lyra and the Lost Heirloom (using several characters, but an otherwise unrelated story). Although released in Year 21, the events of the game are described as happening an at an undisclosed point of time several years in the future. The game was officially retired on May 21st, 2020, making it unclear exactly how the storyline concludes.


Krawk Island

The story began with Aurrick telling a story to Scrap in a Krawk Island tavern, about how long ago, a group of heroes including Fyora, Stan, Garin, Jacques, Governor McGill, Hannah, the Words of Antiquity Shopkeeper, and Aurrick himself, fought a cursed group including Captain Bloodhook, 'Dasher' Soley, Garven Hale, the Grarrl Brute, and Goldhook. They battled over a mysterious tablet that was able to increase their strength. The heroes triumphed, but then their leader, Scrap himself, arrived to fight them. They defeated Scrap, and Aurrick was showered with gold.

In the present, Scrap interupted the story to say it made no sense, and Aurrick admitted parts of it were fabricated, but maintained that the magical tablet part was real, and that he was on Krawk Island to steal it. A lone Neopet believed his tall tale, and wanted to come along, but Aurrick turned them down.

Soon, Aurrick held up a carriage belonging to Governor Gavril McGill, who held the tablet. Ignoring the warnings the Governor gave him, Aurrick opened a chest the Governor was carrying, and accidentally released a prisoner magically contained within - the Claymaker. Thankfully, the Claymaker was still bound by the arms. The lone Neopet turned up and claimed the magical tablet, only for Aurrick to take it and try and use it against the Claymaker, accidentally freeing the creature's hands. Finally free, the Claymaker cast a dark magic over Krawk Island, before disappearing. Aurrick decided to team up with the lone Neopet, hoping it would increase their odds of survival on the now cursed island. Though secretly, he needed the Neopet as his own spelling skills, those needed to operate the magic tablet, weren't all that good.

The cursed pirates.

The pair made their way to Warf Wharf, using the tablet to battle cursed Neopets they came across on the way. In the town, they came across the now cursed Scrap. Defeating him lifted the curse, returning him to normal. Eventually, they came across Benny the Blade trying to fight back more cursed Neopets. They helped each other reach the docks and a boat in the hopes of sailing to safety, only for Benny to betray them and take the only remaining boat.

The pair escaped Warf Wharf, heading across the beaches until they encountered what looked like Chiazilla. Fyora herself then appeared to defeat the creature. Fyora revealed that it wasn't Chiazilla himself, but an evil duplicate. As well as being able to curse and control people, the Claymaker had the ability to duplicate others to create an army of cursed Neopets. Fyora revealed she and the other Faeries had imprisoned the Claymaker thousands of years ago, keeping the prison chest moving to stop it from being opened. She also claimed that the Claymaker cannot be destroyed, but there may be a way of stopping it - bringing the Gemstone of Life to Altador.

At the same time, the group located and freed Garin from the curse. Garin claimed his ship, the Black Pawkeet, was nearby, and his first mate, Jacques, had been talking about some sort of Gemstone. The trio headed to Smuggler's Cove to find Garin's cursed crew. They fought and defeated Jacques, freeing him and the rest of the crew from the curse. Jacques revealed that the Claymaker had been talking to a Neopet who knew where the Gemstone of Life was - Scarblade.

They tracked down the Revenge, Scarblade's ship, and boarded it to battle the cursed pirate king himself. Freed from the curse, Scarblade was no more helpful, telling the group he had willingly sold the location of the Gemstone to the Claymaker in exchange for his help cursing the city of New Maraqua.


Aurrick insisted on taking the now captive Scarblade and crew with him to the Gemstone's location of the Lost Desert, in the Words of Antiquity shop. He and the lone Neopet parted ways with Garin and his crew, but soon after Scarblade turned on them, and threw Aurrick and the lone Neopet deep into the ocean. Thankfully, they had taken some of Scarblade's potion that allowed them to breathe underwater.

At the bottom of the sea, they were found by cursed Maraquans and Goregas, before Caylis saved them. In exchange for showing them the way to the Lost Desert, they agreed to help Caylis save New Maraqua from the curse. They decided to head through the ruins of Old Maraqua, but Caylis warned them of her sister, Isca, who was laying in wait for them. In the heart of the ruins, Isca found them and attacked them, taunting Aurrick with a vision she had in which he betrayed his friends and then died. Thankfully, they defeated her, and returned her to normal.

The cursed maraquans.

The four of them then continued to sneak into New Maraqua, fighting citizens and soldiers on the way. Isca informed Aurrick that sometimes the future can be changed, and sometimes it cannot, and she did not want to say which Aurrick's future was. They eventually reached the palace and fought King Kelpbeard himself. Defeated, he and the rest of Maraqua returned to normal. Afterwards, King Kelpbeard and Caylis appeared to reconcile, while Aurrick and the lone Neopet continued their journey towards the Lost Desert.

Lost Desert

Aurrick and the lone Neopet reached the Lost Desert and made their way upriver, only to find that the Claymaker's curse had hit the desert as well. They fought their way through the cursed Neopets until they reached the bridge over the river between Sakhmet and Qasala. There, they found Roxton Colchester being attacked while he tried to repair his crashed flying boat. Aurrick recognised Lyra Xendrik from his previous time in the desert, finding she was there trying to defend Roxton. The group joined forces to help Roxton, and sent him on his way.

Lyra was less than impressed to see Aurrick again, as he stole her family scimitar the last time they met. Even so, the lone Neopet convinced them to work together to reach Qasala. Using Lyra's knowledge of the city, they eventually found the Words of Antiquity shop and freed its owner from the curse. Together, they searched the shop, with Aurrick locating a message from the thief, Hanso, addressed to Scarblade. It claimed that Hanso had already stolen the Gemstone of Life on the orders of Fyora.

Leaving the shopkeeker, the three of them made their escape from Qasala, defeating a cursed King Jazan on the way. In order to lose the Claymaker's minions, Aurrick suggested heading north through the desert to the Haunted Woods, and then making for Altador from there. Lyra found a problem with his plan though, the area of the desert they would pass through had recently been discovered to conjure up mirages of Neopets and creatures that could cause them harm and send them mad. With no better option, though, the trio agreed to Aurrick's plan.

The cursed Qasalans.

The group fought off mirages of the Claymaker's minions and people they had met in the past, before Lyra and Aurrick were forced to confront their inner demons. A mirage of the Claymaker himself appeared to Lyra, and the two appeared to know each other despite the Claymaker having been imprisoned for Lyra's whole life. Aurrick, meanwhile, faced a vision of the Krawk Braggart, but for once Aurrick had no witty remark. Lying defeated in the sand, the trio were rescued by Roxton in his flying ship.

Lyra correctly guessed that the Krawk Braggart was Aurrick's father, who abandoned him in Qasala as a child. Aurrick has spent his entire life trying to find him. Lyra, meanwhile, attempted to hide a strange wound on her arm.

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