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Beginning on the 18th of August 2000 (Year 2), Sacrificers was the first real staff competition launched on the site. It lasted until November 10th, running through both the Virtupets plot and the Hunt for the Battledome plot. 13 staff members took part in the event.

Mumbo Pango


The story focused around 13 Neopets staff members being captured by the island natives on Mystery Island. The cannibal coconut people sacrificed 12 of the staff members to their god, Mumbo Pango. The last remaining staff member would be set free and returned to Neopia, with a statue in their honour being constructed in the village. In order, the victims of Mumbo Pango were:

This left Pop Tart (Donna) as the only survivor, and therefore as the winner!


This plot allowed users to vote for their favourite staffer to survive. No trophies or plot specific awards were given out afterwards.

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