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The Tyrannian Invasion


The Tyrannian Invasion is perhaps the earliest example of a traditional war plot on Neopets. It began on March 20th, 2001 (Year 3), and lasted until May 10th. This plot introduced the Chomby, and the land of Tyrannia.


The plot began with a large earthquake that ripped through the Ice Caves on Terror Mountain, creating a deep chasm in the ice that revealed a hidden tunnel. Lined with thick vegetation, nobody could venture through the tunnel, until a giant Chomby lent a hand. Once cleared, the tunnel lead to an undiscovered land - Tyrannia. The people there hadn't progressed like the rest of Neopia, and as a result the entire location was still at the prehistoric stage.

Om nom nom.. oh, hai thur!

Roughly a week later, the Tyrannian Council member named Myncha was sent out to scout the mud flats to the north of Tyrannia. He soon reported back that some sizable creatures were heading towards them. Fearing an invasion, Grarrg called an emergency meeting at the town hall, and proposed the idea of enlisting newcomers into the Tyrannian Army in the event of an attack.

Grarrg's worst fears were confirmed as an army of Korbat Scouts soon attacked Tyrannia, led by Feemix. They were quickly repelled, but soon Grarrl Troopers and Skeith Invaders, led by Gragarex and Slychi, arrived to continue the fight. Eventually a group of Chia Bombers led by Grackle also joined the fight against Tyrannia.

Fire Grarrl

The following week, new waves of the invading army joined the fray. Fire Grarrls led by Ukkrah arrived early in the week, bringing 10,000 of his kind with him. These were joined later in the week by 1000 Tyrannian Buzzes, led by Tyragh. As more and more waves arrived, the situation looked dire for Tyrannia, and it didn't help that 100 Grarrl Battlemasters arrived to bolster their numbers.

At the end of the week, an announcement from someone known as the Monoceraptor was delivered to the Tyrannians. It read:


Thankfully, the Tyrannian Army managed a last minute victory over the Grarrl Battlemasters. However, with the Monoceraptor's impending threat, there was no time for celebration. As promised, the next day the monstrous beast known as the Monoceraptor arrived. He declared himself to be the leader of the invading force, and promptly set about destroying Tyrannia.


Hundreds of soldiers fought and lost against the Monoceraptor, but eventually, a single Lupe was able to defeat him. Celebrations began across the jungle. However, the victory was made bitter-sweet, as a voice echoed around the whole of Tyrannia, saying:

That puny creature of mine has failed... but Neopia has not yet seen the last of me ... I will return... oh yes... I will return

Whilst unconfirmed, it is assumed by many that this was the voice of Dr. Sloth.


This was the first plot to have a Battledome system to participation. Users could fight each of the waves, and would be awarded points in the Tyrannian Army for each win. In addition, a random event was added to Tyrannia pages, in which Grarrg would award the user an extra Tyrannian Army point (this Random Event remained active for a period after the plot ended). The Battledome challengers that could be fought were:

Fixed numbers of each opponent were released in the Battledome, and only when all of one wave was defeated was the next wave released.


Numerous awards were handed out for those who participated:

Items and Neopoints

Everyone who participated with at least 1 win in the Battledome received 10,000 Neopoints, while the user who defeated the Monoceraptor received 1,000,000 Neopoints, and an additional item of their choice.


Every user with at least 1 win received the following trophy, with their wins displayed below:


In addition, all users who had at least 1 war point (even if this war point came from the Random Event rather than the Battledome) had an extra line added to their User Information module on their user lookups reflecting their membership in the Tyrannian Army and detailing their points.

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