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The Virtupets Plot


The Virtupets Plot was the first ever plot that TNT produced. Amongst other things, it introduced the horrible Dr. Sloth to Neopia, and introduced the Grundos as a species. The plot officially began on August 16th 2000 (Year 2), although a mutant Grundo had been spotted around the site a day earlier. The plot ended on August 25th. As this is one of the oldest plots, most of the pages have since been removed from the site.


The plot began with a message from the Space Faerie, claiming that she had received an encoded transmission from deep space. The Space Faerie was worried, and begged the population of Neopia to help her fight whatever evil was coming. Meanwhile, the Island Mystic opened up his hut on Mystery Island. He claimed that he would be able to decode the message, but would need 1000 codestones in order to accomplish this. Around the planet, Neopians began to have encounters with the mysterious Dr. Sloth. A roving reporter, Mr. Blu Maroo, collected these accounts for public use. Eventually, Dr. Sloth made an announcement to the entire planet - he intended to introduce Neopia to his own creations, VirtuPets. He began to abduct Neopets, and take them to his Space Station which he had placed in an orbit which blocked out the sun. It wasn't long before the Island Mystic managed to decode the message, and discovered that Sloth's plan wasn't to introduce VirtuPets, but to mutate Neopets into them.

Island Mystic
This smug chappy is the original Island Mystic before he became a Kyrii

The race was on to reach the Space Station and stop Sloth. A Rocket Scientist opened a Launch Pad that would allow access to space, but needed a few supplies before it would become operational. When Neopians succeeded in reaching the Space Station, they discovered that the Space Faerie had challenged Sloth, only to find that her powers had been weakened by the number of Neopets that had been mutated. Sloth captured the Faerie, and held her prisoner in his control room. She issued a desperate plea to Neopia, to free the Grundos in order to restore her power. She calculated that 20,000 Grundos needed to be saved in order to restore her.


Meanwhile, Dr. Sloth activated the secret transformation of the Virtupets Space Station, turning it into a transmogrification ray in orbit. With one shot, it would mutate the entire planet below. He completed the mutation ray, and succeeded in firing a single shot. However, at that moment the Space Faerie broke free, and managed to deflect the ray back towards Sloth. The resulting explosion completely destroyed the mutation ray parts, and it was presumed that Dr. Sloth was destroyed along with it. The Virtupets Space Station itself narrowly escaped destruction, and settled into an orbit around Neopia.

You haven't seen the last of me!


As this was the first plot run, in the very early days of Neopets, plot participation was very different to the norm. Users could:

No trophies or specific awards were given out for this plot.

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