The Book of Ages

Classic Neopet Info Animations

The videos below were used to introduce Neopians to each species of Neopet and give them a little more information about their personalities. They could be found via the All Pets page, which lists all of the existing species.

You'll note that the Lutari and Vandagyre are missing from our list. That's because these are the classic info animations, and the Lutari and Vandagyre don't seem to have older versions! (The Vandagyre was released long after the animations were all updated.)

The animations shown below have all been converted from Adobe Flash to a modern movie format so they aren't lost to the ages. We have 53 animations in our collection.

About the Acara

In addition to the video above, the Acara has an even older static version! Some static versions are courtesy of Lady Nei on Geocities and others by

Have an older SWF version showing a Neopet before they were revamped? We'd love to add it to our collection. Get In Touch

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