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Starting on October 21, 2004, the Neopets sidebar layout received a modernised refresh, including adding space for a banner ad at the top of the page. This was the first introduction of larger, banner ads to the Neopets site. In addition to third party ads, Neopets also produced a series of ads featuring Neopian worlds and games. Most of these ads were created in a 468x60 pixel format. However, after about a month of testing, on November 24, 2004, it was announced that the ads would need to move to a 728x90 pixel format instead. No matter the size, we've converted all of our banner movies to a consistent size.

The banner ads shown below have all been converted from Adobe Flash to a modern movie format so they aren't lost to the ages. We have 35 banners in our collection. Enjoy a nostalgic trip down marketing lane!

Looking for more banner ad nostalgia? Visit our Sidebar Buttons for another set of old Flash marketing.

This page was written by JN Staff and last updated on January 9, 2020.

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