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Lenny Trivia

Lenny Trivia

Lenny Trivia was a simple question and answer game from the very early days of Neopets. When visiting the Lenny Trivia page on Neopets, you would receive a random question and have the opportunity to answer it for 25 NP:

Lenny Trivia (now with an improved 25 NP per correct answer!)

Lenny Trivia™ is a list of questions about NeoPets that you can answer. It works as follows: Each time you visit this page, you get a random question. If you get it right, you win 25 Neopoints! If you get it wrong, you don't get anything. You can only answer each question only once. To find the correct answer, you will have to search the site!!

We are adding new questions (and, therefore, new ways to earn NP) all the time. If you have any suggestions for a question, then please e-mail us.

As you can see above, you only had one opportunity to answer each question correctly. Answering incorrectly resulted in you not getting 25 NP and not being able to try that question again. Eventually, you could run out of questions to answer.

In the earlier days, you would only receive 10 NP for correctly answering a question, but this amount was raised to 25 NP on September 7, 2000:

INFLATION ALERT - Yes, another knock on effect of Inflation in Neopia. Lenny has decided to up his prize from 10 to 25 Neopoints in Lenny Trivia!

To ensure Neopians did not run out of questions, more questions were announced on March 15, 2001 and May 24, 2001.

Unfortunately, the fun came to an end on April 5, 2002:

We have had to remove Lenny Trivia from the site. Sorry about that, we know a lot of people liked it, it was just becoming too hard to keep all the questions up to date. We change the site so often, and therefore all the questions on the Trivia had the wrong answers :(


Take a stab at the old list of trivia questions and see if you can get them right:

Godo luck!


Correct! You would have earned 25 NP. The next question is above.

Wrong. :( We were looking for ''.

Woo hoo! You finished!
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Woo Hoo! You're finished!


You finished all the questions! In total, you correctly answered 0 questions!

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