The Book of Ages

Old Faeries

Throughout the ages, the faeries of Neopia have regaled us with tales of wisdom, courage and adventure. Somehow, after all that, they've also found time for several makeovers. Here, the faeries of old are preserved for all to admire.

Elemental Faeries

Since the beginning of Neopia, there have been six primary types of faerie: Air, Dark, Earth, Fire, Light, and Water. Originally, a distinction was drawn between regular faeries and "uber" faeries; however, this was discontinued quite some time ago.

Air Faeries

Dark Faeries

Earth Faeries

Fire Faeries

Light Faeries

Water Faeries

Famous Faeries

In addition to the six primary faeries above, Neopia is also home to a multitude of unique faerie characters. Some are shopkeepers, while others travel in search of adventure. For each faerie, the rightmost or bottom-rightmost image is the current one. You can find other images of the faeries in our Image Database.

Aethia - Battle Faerie

The title of Battle Faerie has been borne by many over the years: similarly, the Faerie's look has also dramatically changed. Her hair, while still a bright purple, has less of that reddish sheen. She's also acquired a few purple additions to her outfit. The Battle Faerie once rode an armoured Uni into battle; he, however, has been replaced by the Battle Eyrie.

Fyora - Faerie Queen

Purple has always been the colour of royalty for Fyora, and her regal butterfly wings have stayed the same over the years. The image most Neopians are familiar with gives her a severe, haughty look, but in the most recent redraws she's softened up a little, and looks visibly younger and friendlier.

Jhuidah - Island Faerie

Someone forgot to add in Jhuidah's wings at first! Mystery Island's only resident faerie now has a butterfly-like pink set to match the flower in her hair. More recently, she seems to have developed a slight smile on her face; perhaps island life is running more smoothly now that Eithne has disappeared for the time being.

Kari - Negg Faerie

Poor Kari didn't even have a name until very recently. While she's always been associated with the colour green, in the earliest version of her artwork, her hair is a fairly unremarkable brown. The characteristic green hair we're used to seeing came a little later. One thing's for sure, though; wherever she goes, this Faerie will be surrounded by Neopia's most versatile vegetable, the Negg.

Marina - Healing Springs Faerie

Surprisingly enough for a faerie with a fish tail, there's no water to be seen in this Water-element faerie's first piece of artwork! Her close-up shots look a little flat, but her basic design hasn't really changed from her first appearance to the present day.

Mira - Space Faerie

The original concept for the Space Faerie could hardly be more different from her current look. Her hair was once pale blue, much less striking than the deep sapphire colour she wears today, and her skin was an entirely different shade--more like the Grey Faerie's than Jhuidah's. Her unusual, wispy wings were already apparent, though. Nowadays, with Sloth safely out of sight, the Space Faerie in her sparkly outfit is probably best known for her endorsement of Neopets Premium.

Naia - Fountain Faerie

The beloved Fountain Faerie, who, like many of her peers, went nameless for over a decade, has not seen many changes. While still mistaken for the Water Faeries, who also give out quests, Naia's look has evolved to include some crucial hair highlights - one of her main distinguishing features.

Soup Faerie

The Soup Faerie hasn't changed too much over the years, although her kindly face is more visible than it used to be. The changes to her appearance have mostly been in terms of better colour and shading. The biggest change is the addition of a ladle--hot soup is dangerous to touch with bare hands!

Taelia - Snow Faerie

The Snow Faerie has probably changed the least of all of the faeries. Aside from some contouring and the adoption of a new pet, she looks pretty much identical to her original self.

Tooth Faerie

The Tooth Faerie used to be blonde, believe it or not! These days, her characteristic blue and pink look extends to her hair, and she has much more graceful-looking wings. The glow of light behind her has vanished, too, and now she simply sparkles—as clean teeth should!

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This page was written by Torratz & Dream and last updated on September 20, 2021.

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