The Book of Ages

Old Neopets

Before customisation hit Neopia in 2007, the look of Neopets changed every few years to give them a fresher look. Below, you can browse through the versions of each species, some having more than others.


Below you will find the 4 past versions and revamps of the Eyrie.

Version 1

Cerpulls once roamed Neopia as one of its original dragon-like creatures. Although it was fitted with menacing horns and claws, its goofy smile made it seem friendly.

Version 2

The Tatsu shared traits with both the Cerpull before it and the Eyrie to come, with its large, twisted horns and beak-like face.

Version 3

When the Tatsu was replaced by the Eyrie, a contest was held between several different designs to see which one users like best. The one seen below is the winner.

Version 4

The Eyrie was later redrawn to fix some perspective problems with its legs. The mane was also changed slightly to make its back more visible.

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This page was written by JN Staff and last updated on August 15, 2020.

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