The Book of Ages

Old Neopets

Before customisation hit Neopia in 2007, the look of Neopets changed every few years to give them a fresher look. Below, you can browse through the versions of each species, some having more than others.


Below you will find the 3 past versions and revamps of the Skeith.

Version 1

The original design of the Skeith, though much simpler than its current design, has most of the elements still seen in the species.

Version 2

When the Skeith was redesigned, its back legs were not well defined, giving the impression that it had very tiny back feet.

Version 3

The Skeith was later redrawn to help it fit in with the current site artwork. Following customisation, Skeiths stand on their hind legs.

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This page was written by JN Staff and last updated on August 15, 2020.

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