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Scrapped Pets

With all the images that TNT got right, there were bound to be a few they got wrong. So wrong, in fact, that they were whisked off the server and believed lost—until now. These pets, for various reasons, were uploaded to the Neopets image server but were never released on the site, or released for a short while before being whisked away for being just too hideous. Some may have later been redrawn and finally released.

Special thanks to the site Neopets Archaeology for contributing many of the images on this page.

Another special thanks also goes to user myootantaisha for sending in some of the extra poses below.


Before the colour Purple was created, many Blue pets were purple in colour. When Purple became an official colour, the "purple-blue" pets became more like the traditional Blue pets we know today.


It is unknown whether the following "Checked"-coloured Neopets were ever truly released, but multiple poses exist for each, implying Checkered originally had colour options other than black and white:










When the Glass colour was removed from the site, Glass pets became Tyrannian. The current-day equivalent are Ice pets. Although the Glass colour is no longer available, you can still find all of the pet poses.




Halloween Costumes

Early on in Neopia, Halloween pets were more themed around dressing up in costume, rather than turning into monsters.


When the colour Invisible was first introduced, the pet clearly wasn't... well, invisible.




At an earlier point, Purple Neopets having orange spots was going to be a story element in a scrapped plot involving Dr. Sloth and the Grundos on Kreludor. The pets below without orange spots are what they looked like before they were updated to fit the story.

The Grarrl with the green belly below, a nod to the children's show Barney the Dinosaur, was available for a very short time when the Grarrl was being revamped. It was quickly removed in favour of the orange version.



Before the colour Pink was created, many Red pets were pink in colour. When Pink became an official colour, the "pink-red" pets became more like the traditional Red pets we know today.









When the Stone colour was removed from the site, Stone pets became Island. The current-day equivalent are Relic pets. Although the Stone colour is no longer available, you can still find all of the pet poses.





Tyrannian Buzz

The Tyrannian Buzz below has been around since the early 2000s, but was finally released in a customisable form for Buzz Day in 2022 after being requested by users.

Here's the final release version:

Tyrannian Buzz


When the Unicorn Paint Brush was removed from the site, it became the Uni Gem and Unicorn pets became Red.



Unreleased Faerie Eyrie

Special thanks to Neopian hyperknuckles77_tail for contributing these elusive images.

Unreleased Mutant Wocky

This version of the Mutant Wocky appeared first in December 2009, likely as a second colour for Wocky Day on December 12th. That year, only one new Wocky colour combo was released (Biscuit), and Mutant remained unreleased. A matching transmogrification potion was even created:

Although unconfirmed by TNT, the likely reason for this version remaining unreleased was that traditionally, Mutant colour combos are reserved for Mutant Day in August. Releasing one outside of August would have "stolen" content for Mutant Day, so to speak. This version seemed to have been forgotten about, and instead we received the green/purple version on Wocky Day in 2015.

Unreleased Fruit Chias

For Chia Day 2022, two new Fruit Chias were released—Juppie Swirl and Coconut—and both were previously found and remained unreleased for over a decade.

First, the Juppie Swirl Chia had been around since the early 2000s, and remained as an unreleased colour combo from the pre-customisation days. There was even a Juppie Swirl Chia Pop that was released (with a separate magical version added in 2022).

Secondly, around September 2008, a Coconut Chia surfaced in Neopia, with its exact origins unknown. It appeared to be a new type of Fruit Chia, whose distinction is having a unique body shape unlike the Basic Chias. (Blue Chia, a Basic Chia shape, versus Apple Chia, a unique Fruit Chia shape.)

It is unknown why it remained unreleased, or even for what occasion the Coconut Chia would have been released for.

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