The Book of Ages

Sidebar Buttons

From the very early days of Neopets, up through spring 2007 when a new layout was released, small advertisements appeared in the layout sidebar. These ads showcased both Neopets features and the latest sponsor areas in Neopia.

The ads shown below have all been converted from Adobe Flash to a modern movie format so they aren't lost to the ages. We have 321 buttons in our collection. Enjoy a nostalgic trip down marketing lane!

user : dave

pet : Thyassa

NP : 8,222,004

Note: Our collection includes all of the buttons that we could find for Neopets features and sponsors with a Neopets theme. For brevity's sake, we excluded sponsored buttons that did not feature Neopets.

This page was written by Dave and last updated on August 21, 2022.

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