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Lutari Island

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This mysterious island is one of the most enigmatic places on the face of the planet. Many explorers have searched for it their entire lives, only to fail. Although it has still to be officially 'discovered', Lutari Island has been known about since Year 8, more specifically the 24th Day of Relaxing.

Lutari Island, as it is today


The Island

Lutari Island is so small that there are no smaller areas within it. The island is a tropical jungle, inhabited by Neopets of all species, not just Lutaris. Despite the relatively inaccessible location, Lutari Island has its own bank, a branch of the National Neopian.


Lutari Island, much like the Lost Isle, moves randomly across the face of Neopia. Researchers claim that it is never in the same place twice. It is covered with lush vegetation and dense jungles. In some areas, there are trees large enough to build houses in. Off the coast of Lutari Island is a large whirlpool known as the Grand Vortex.


Given the drifting nature of the island, the weather can be very changeable. Most of the time however, it is covered with a dense mist that few have been able to lift. Recently, harsh tropical storms have begun to attack the island, making visiting almost impossible.


There is no known leader of the Lutari Island people. However, the Air Faerie Briana may act as some form of guardian.


There is very little history of the island. Whilst considered the ancestral home of all Lutaris, it is thought by many to be nothing more than a legend.


There are so few visitors to the island that its economy is largely self contained. A sizable trade in beads for magical talismans keeps the island thriving, while feathers for the island's training school are also valuable commodities.


Lutari Island is home to a species of bird-like Petpet which has brightly coloured feathers. These feathers are used by the islanders to decorate buildings and clothing.


Lutari Island society is mostly nocturnal. It is normal to sleep through the daylight hours and be awake all night. As a result, natives tend to paint themselves with glowing paint of various colours so they can easily see each other in the darkness.


Like most tropical islands, Lutari Island bases a lot of the food around berries and fruits.


There is no known military on the island, though given how few people are able to locate the island, there is no need for one.

Places of Interest

Should you be lucky enough to set foot on the island, why not visit:

Characters from Lutari Island

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