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The Multiverse

Neopia and the universe it exists in appear to be but one reality within a web of multiple alternate realities that together comprise a form of multiverse. This network of universes appears to ahere to the 'many worlds' theory of quantum mechanics.

The realities that make up the multiverse appear to be distinct from parasite universes that use the magic of the main Neopets universe to survive, such as Petaria. It also does not include alternate timelines of the main Neopets universe created via time travel, as time travel in Neopia alters the current universe instead of creating another.

Physical travel between parts of the multiverse appears to be very difficult, if not impossible for the majority of individuals. However, it appears that certain individuals are able to cross over to alternate universes via dreaming. It is however unknown if all dreams in Neopia represent alternate universes, and typical Neopians are just unable to affect change in them.

Dream Messengers appear to be some form of guardians for the multiverse, acting to improve the dreams they come across. It is unknown what becoming a Dream Messenger entails, but it appears to involve leaving your home dimension for a time.

Known Universes

Note that if there is commonly known terminology for these realities, it is currently unknown. These names are not official.

The Rainbow Book

It is unclear if this is a universe within the multiverse or a hub for travel between the various realities that comprise it. If it is an alternate reality itself, it appears very different to the normal Neopia, being based in pink clouds and architecture that defies usual laws of gravity. There appear to be portals in the Rainbow Book that link to many, if not all, other realities in the multiverse. Dream Messengers use the Rainbow Book to travel to these realities and try to improve them, using a magical crystal substance known as Dream Spiritual Power.

Rainbow Book

Neopia Prime

This is the main Neopets universe in which the vast majority of Neopets happens. Within this universe, the Faerie who became mayor of New Faerieland is known to have the multiverse crossing ability.

Neopia Studio

This reality appears to be very similar to the Prime universe. Neovision appears to have been much more popular in this reality, with movie studios setting up in Neopia Central. The Faerie who took over Neopia Studio in this reality appears to have the multiverse crossing ability. However, there is also a magical portal inside a poster that acts as a gateway to the Rainbow Book. Anyone is able to use this portal, though it can sometimes be unstable.

Neopia Studio

The Forest

This reality appears similar to the modern Prime universe. In it, the the Old Man spent many years searching a forest for the memory, or perhaps ghost of his former love, the Cellist following the destruction of their town.

The Forest

Dancing Island

This reality is the home universe of the Dream Messenger Ion, who agreed to become a Dream Messenger for one hundred years. Dancing Island itself is headed by Chief Tom and is a fishing island somewhere off the coast of this reality's Neopia Central. It is also not far from an area of water known as the Mysterious Sea.

Dancing Island

Neopets Metaverse

Heads up! Neopets Metaverse is the result of a harmful NFT project unwanted by the majority of Neopets fans. You can learn more about it here.

This reality is largely divorced from all other realities in the Multiverse. Neopets in this universe are much more animalistic in nature, often walking on all fours. Some beings from the Prime universe that have versions in this universe look radically different. Codestones in this universe are blue.

Neopets Metaverse

Characters from The Multiverse

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