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Petpet Park

Heads up! Petpet Park, whilst still technically set in Neopia, may use different canon to Neopets, so some if not all of the following should be taking with a pinch of salt.

Petpet Park is a land located presumably somewhere near Neopia Central. It was created by the PPL and a mixture of magic from the Wand of Wishing in late Year 10, though the magic of the Wand of Wishing appears to have altered time slightly so that parts of the Park have existed for decades if not centuries.

Petpet Park, as it was on closing day


The Main Park

This is the first area most Petpets visit within the Park, which contains games and shops for all. The NC Mall is also located here, along with a tree house and train station. The University was founded a long time ago by Maurice, Pordinton, Rickles, Vashton, and Wazzam - it offers education to all Petpets, split into five schools. The current dean is Wallington. Mystimar Glen lies on the outskirts of this area, which offers magical guidance and the game of Cardcasters, whilst Farmer Grenn has a farm to the north. The wizard Arzak has a tower in this area, while a number of pirates have set up a camp to the west.

Pukapooka Island

A tropical paradise just off the coast of Petpet Park, Pukapooka Island boasts golden beaches and an active volcano filled with, of all things, noodles. The island has an elder to protect it, and every year there is an island feast based around the magic of a fire stone.

A typical view of the island.
A typical view of the island.

Western Woods

Consisting of the old Knight's Keep and Squippit Hollow, the woods have a sizable crop of mushrooms. There is an access to the tunnels that run below the park here, as well as a method of traveling to Celestial City.


The tunnels that run below Petpet Park lead from the Western Woods to Bogbottom. They are home to bandits, ghosts, giant Spyders, and a large number of gemstones.

Celestial City

Floating high in the sky above Petpet Park, Celestial City is based on a solid cloud. It was founded by the Cloud Princess, and now has a variety of guardians keeping it safe.


Bogbottom is a spooky place founded by Old Fogbottom, full of ghosts and zombies. A graveyard lies in this area, along with the laboratory of a mad scientist. The ruined Rottingham Castle lies in the Zombie Marsh to the east.

A view of the Bogbottom graveyard.
A view of the Bogbottom graveyard.

The Aquatic Carnival

This once traveling funfair run by Professor Gilbert has become a permanent attraction in the park to the south. All manner of carnival folk can be found within, and the hidden underwater city of Swirling Seas below the waters - this city was founded by Elleniel.

The Cyodrake Kingdom

This ancient land lies outside of the Park, filled with Cyodrakes. It is currently ruled by Queen Liling while the rightful King, Quan, is in exile in an area of the park known as the Cyodrake Temple Garden.


The technologically advanced city was founded by Aurelia. It can only be reached by train, and is responsible for many of the technological wonders of the park.

A view of Autropolis.
A view of Autropolis.


Another city lying outside the boundary of the park that can only be reached by train. This city is focused very much on fashion, but has elegant architecture as well.


One of Neopia's smallest moons is currently inhabited by a lone alien, though a time portal allows access to ancient Lunaria, and the long extinct civilisation there.

Blizzard Mountain

The mountain to the south west of the park is home to a wintery community of snow and ice skating all year round.

A view from half way up the mountain.
A view from half way up the mountain.


The majority of Petpet Park is flat grassy land, with a small mountain in the south west, a forest in the west, and a bog in the east. Bonk and Bink make several claims on the true nature of the Park (for example that Blizzard Mountain is in fact a mound of Jelly Beans, and that the Park's trees are just tall grass stalks). However, the truth of these statements is unclear, as Bonk and Bink have been known to tell tall tales.


The weather in the main is sunny in the park. It is almost always dark in Bogbottom and Mystimar Glen, while a permanent state of winter exists on Blizzard Mountain.


There is no one single ruler for Petpet Park as a whole, and much of the administrative duties are shared between Petpets. Mayor Bricemurdle is the de facto ruler of much of the park, however. Exceptions to this are Autropolis, which is ruled by Aurelia, Pukapooka Island, which is run by a council of elders, the Cyodrake Kingdom which is currently ruled by Queen Liling, the Swirling Seas, which are ruled by Ithoniel, and ancient Lunaria, which is ruled by a council headed by Zarsis.


The Park was created using the power of the Wand of Wishing, which discharged a large amount of magic into the area in the form of Parkles. It is still unclear exactly when this happened, as it seems to have happened at the conclusion of the Wand of Wishing game, but has altered the Neopian timeline so that aspects of the park have existed for centuries. Bonk and Bink claim the Park is at least 1,523 years old, but the truth of that statement is unclear.

In ancient history, the wizard Orzok and the witch Kremelda had a bitter rivalry which ended with the creation of the bog areas of the park. The two Petpets disappeared soon after. Over the coming centuries, the park built up, with sailors like Ruby Jane and Saltbeard hiding their treasures in the park as it was constructed. The University was founded, along with a number of the cities. At some point, the ancient Lunarian civilisation fell into a wormhole, leaving the moon deserted.

In Year 9, the Park officially opened to visitors. This began a period of great changes for the Park. The alien renegade Trilluna reached Lunaria, pursued by Commander Vixor. Using the Supernova Crystal, Trilluna erected a forcefield around Lunaria to keep her people out, and Vixor left peacefully. Some time later, the Zombie infection in the Zombie Marsh began to spread until visitors found the cause and stopped it, finding that the seeds of it had been sown during the battle between Kremelda and Orzok.

The arrival of the Aquatic Carnival was one of the first major expansions to the Park.
The arrival of the Aquatic Carnival was one of the first major expansions to the Park.

Over the following years, the Park continued to grow, with the odd setback. A common theme emerged with dark magic being misused in the Park by someone. This came to a head in Semptember of Year 15, when it was revealed the evil wizard brother of Aurelia, Zorkorian, had been behind them all - he attempted to make a bid for the Park, only to be trapped in an alternate universe.


Petpet Park has a great many shops for Petpets to buy everything they need. Instead of Neopoints, the Park uses its own currency in the form of Park Points. Neocash, however, appears to be universal.

A denomination of Park Point coin.
A denomination of Park Point coin.


A great deal of edible berries and nuts are naturally occurring in the Park, along with fish in many ponds. A local chef, Cochon, specialises in a wide variety of foods.

The Western Woods contain a lot of naturally occurring edible fruits and mushrooms.
The Western Woods contain a lot of naturally occurring edible fruits and mushrooms.

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