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Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain sits at the north pole of Neopia, and is an almost permanently Christmas themed place. It was discovered by modern day Neopia towards the end of Year 2 on the 22nd Day of Storing.

Terror Mountain, as it is today


Happy Valley

This snow filled valley lies at the base of Terror Mountain, and has a population of 342,932. This is normally a tourist's first stop on any trip to the Mountain, and welcomes newcomers with a jolly atmosphere. Known street names include Freezy Path, Icy Road, Summit Strip, Ski Lodge Close, Alpine Avenue, Snowball Close, Abominable Avenue, and Blizzard Lane.

The Ice Caves

Much of Terror Mountain is hollow, and a vast network of ice-covered caves have been populated by an estimated 16,804 Neopians. The caves are home to a number of friendly folk, but also monsters such as the Snowager. Much of the Ice Caves are undiscovered, with the entire Bori race found hiding deep within them a few years ago.

The Ice Caves, as they are today

The Peak

The Peak of Terror Mountain is where the mountain gets its name. It is a truly inhospitable place, frequently battered by snowstorms. Only the bravest souls venture up there and fewer still choose to live there. The Peak is also home to a sizable Snow Beast population, and an abandoned mansion.

The top of the mountain, as it is today


Terror Mountain is a place of varying terrain. Happy Valley lies 180km north of Neopia Central, and is surrounded by steep, jagged walls that require a ski lift or mountaineering equipment to climb. The Ice Caves lie 65 miles north west of Happy Valley. Other popular areas of note in the area include Snowywind Vale, the Frozen Maze, and the Icy Peak. Lilac Island, an artificially created landmass, lies off the coast of the mountain. Selerium Taniverens, a type of orchid from the Moltaran island, grows in small amounts at the base of the mountain.

Geography Changes

Here's how Terror Mountain has changed over the years. Click on the thumbnails to view larger snapshots.

The Ice Caves

The Peak


Terror Mountain has snowfall all year round and frequently has sub zero temperatures. Snowstorms happen everywhere, but are more frequent at the peak. Happy Valley is often on avalanche alert.

A typical day on Terror Mountain.
A typical day on Terror Mountain.


There is no known government on Terror Mountain, though the Bori race answered to the Keeper of Time when they awoke in the Ice Caves. It is unknown what role the Keeper now plays in the Mountain's life as a whole. Princess Lilac rules over Lilac Island, but it is unknown if her power stops there.


In ancient Neopia, the Bori race lived on Terror Mountain, worshiping a crystal they called the Heart of the Mountain. A creature from the Lost Desert known as the Bringer of Night desired the Heart, and as a result the Bori decided to freeze themselves in ice to protect their treasure.

You shall not pass!
You shall not pass!

Over time the civilisation of Terror Mountain grew up around them, with Dr. Sloth even owning a mansion at the peak for a while. A crack in the Ice Caves briefly opened up a route to Tyrannia in Year 3, before it was discovered by sea.

Eventually however, the Bringer of Night returned in Year 6, aided by the Thieves Guild. It took the actions of Hannah, an adventurer, Kanrik, a fallen thief, and Armin, a Bori who woke up early, to free the rest of the Bori race and launch an attack against the Bringer and the Guild to stop them getting the Heart. They succeeded, and the Bringer of Night was destroyed. With their old enemy vanquished, the Bori decided to return to Neopia.


Terror Mountain makes a great deal of its money from tourism, especially around Christmas as visitors flock to the Advent Calendar located in Happy Valley. Another lucrative avenue of business is extreme sports, particularly further up the mountain.

In Happy Valley, Wintery Petpets sells Petpet species that can be found on the mountain, and the Slushie Shop sells refreshing slushies. Within the Ice Caves, the Ice Crystal Shop sells weaponry related to ice. On the mountain's peak, the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop sells wintery foods, while the Shop of Mystery and the Igloo Garage Sale sell all manner of goods.


Unsurprisingly, most food on Terror Mountain is frozen. Favourites are ice cream, ice lollies, Chia pops, and an array of Neggs found only in the Ice Caves.

Eating the yellow snow is not advised.
Eating the yellow snow is not advised.


Whilst there is no official army on Terror Mountain, in times of crisis the Bori race have proven themselves capable fighters. Miners and guards for the most part, they were still able to fight back both the Bringer of Night and the Thieves Guild.


Parts of Terror Mountain can be quite primitive in their beliefs. One village in an unknown location believes that, due to a curse, they must sacrifice Petpets to Snowbeasts. Even intervention from the PPL has not stopped this practice.

Terror Mountain host significant celebrations during the Month of Celebrating (December) and the Day of Giving. All month long the mountain hosts the Winter Starlight Celebration, a festival devoted to winter and the spirit of the Day of Giving. This also coincides with the Snowager's annual month of hibernation, and visiting him is an attraction of the festival itself.


Terror Mountain is home to a number of Petpet species, being found primarily in Wintery Petpets. Part of the mountain's slope is known to be Gabar territory. There is also a sizable Snowbeast population on the mountain.

Places of Interest

There's lots to do and see on Terror Mountain, if you can brave the elements. Here's a selection:

Terror Mountain also has its own section of the Battledome—the Frost Arena! Challengers like Lady Frostbite and the Snow Beast can be found there.

Characters from Terror Mountain

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