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Neocam Shots

The Neocam was a site feature that ran from 2002 to 2007, consisting of a webcam that took a snapshot of the Neopets offices every fifteen seconds throughout the day. While the majority of images displayed were candid shots of The Neopets Team going about their daily business, the Neocam was often used to give users a more interesting behind-the-scenes look, such as hints at upcoming features and sneak peaks of new merchandise.

The Neocam section on Neopets also holds a collection of photos taken around the office and at various Neopets events, only a handful of which were taken with the Neocam itself. You can find these in the Random Pics section.

Below is a selection of random Neocam snapshots, most of which have been purposely aimed at interesting subjects.

Dated Shots

Undated Shots

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This page was written by Chesu and last updated on March 23, 2019.