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Trivia: Pets and Petpets

Pets and their petpets are the heart of Neopia—the site is called Neopets, after all. But there's more to our furry, feathery, leathery and scaly friends than meets the eye. Be sure to check out our Species Encyclopaedia for more information, but in the meantime, here's a few little tidbits you might find interesting...


Neopia is a world where things are constantly changing, and that includes our pets and their petpets. Redraws are something we're all familiar with, but in the early days of the site, even more drastic changes were happening as a result of new technology, legal issues, better management, and a strange transformative process called Neopian Evolution... Would you recognise your pet if you went back in time?

Ghost Lupe


Did you know that many of the fish–like petpets of Neopia used to live in fishbowls! Check out the list of replaced petpets in the Item Database to see all the wacky and fun old versions of some of our beloved petpets.

As for the rest of the petpets, TNT aren't always able to resist a little fun when naming newly discovered species. These names give us a little bit of insight into where the creators got their inspiration...

Snicklebeast Gabar Abominable Snowball

Eizzil Muffin Green Eizzil

Flishy + Snorkle = Moink ?

Lost Desert Petpets

The Lost Desert is based off of Egypt. As such, many Lost Desert petpets have names rooted in the Egyptian culture, particularly the religion of Ancient Egypt.


Anubis Horus Geb



Mauket Khamette Scarabug

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