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Trivia: TCG

Over the course of several years, Neopets TCG cards were released in stores - over 1000 individual cards in total. They showcased piles of original art, hid interesting facts on their captions, and teased at plots to come (as well as including highly sought-after Virtual Prize Codes!). Though no sets have been released in several years, the cards that were reveal plenty of interesting tales.

Look for the Dr. Sloth icon embedded in many of the facts - clicking on this will open the image of the related TCG in a new window!

Hidden in Images

When working on the Neopets TCG, artists had to come up with piles of new images - and can you blame them for having fun in the process? Here are some of the fun things they slipped in!

Divine Intervention Count Boris Invisible Doglefox Zafara Princess


Everyone messes up once in a while, right? Throughout the TCG sets, there have been cards where they didn't seem to belong, cards that contradicted each other, and cards of things that didn't exist! Was it a mistake, or on purpose? You decide!

Crest of Sakhmet Orange Kacheek Shadow Korbat Neoquest Board Game

Did You Know...

There's a lot you can learn from the captions on TCG cards - and some of it from nowhere else! Here are some of the more fascinating things that lie hidden in their text.

Jhudora's Bodyguards Cooking Pot Noil Fyora's Library

Behind the Cards

Can you blame TNT for wanting to sneak some fun things in? Whether it's a reference hidden in a caption, or something coming up in Neopia, this list will help you be "in" on the joke!

Hot Feet Grundo Warehouse Anubits Zombie Aisha

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