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Faeries are magical beings who sustain the land and confer blessings on its inhabitants. They look like winged human women, except for the aquatic faeries, who look like mermaids.

Faeries live all over Neopia, often functioning as tutelary spirits for various lands, but are most associated with Faerieland. This magical realm once floated on clouds above the ocean, until the events of the Faeries' Ruin brought it crashing to earth in Y12.

The Faeries are ruled by Fyora, the Faerie Queen. Most faeries are associated with one of the six magical elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Light, and Darkness. Each of these camps of elemental faeries are associated with certain skills and temperaments. A small number of faeries have unique functions and do not necessarily fall within these categories, including the Negg Faerie, Soup Faerie, Tooth Faerie, Snow Faerie, Battle Faerie, Space Faerie, and Grey Faerie.

Faerie Tableau

Faeries are usually renowned for their benevolence and for the blessings they confer, ranging from nourishing food for the poor to increased combat skills to your choice of a new paint colour. Many of these blessings are offered as rewards for completing quests on their behalf. This apparent act of kindness has another motive, however. The Faeries use items from quests to strengthen a barrier spell that keeps an army of Wraith monsters from flooding into Neopia.

However, not all faeries are benevolent. A few faeries rank among the greatest villains of Neopia ... or at least are suspected to be. Nor do all Neopets universally believe that the faeries are working in their best interests. Some followers of Xandra, who was turned to stone after her attempted revolt against the faeries, believe that the faeries wield too much power over Neopets.

There are no male faeries. However, there are two apparently male beings who call themselves faeries: the Happiness Faerie (who bears a strong resemblance to Dr. Frank Sloth) and a Yurble who styles himself "the Real Negg Faerie."

However, despite being essentially a single gender species, faeries do appear to reproduce, with some faeries referencing their mothers or daughters.

Faeries do not appear to age, and have magical abilities that can grant this lack of aging to others. However, they are not immortal and can fall victim to injuries or sickness.

Faeries typically communicate though standard Neopian. However, they also have their own language that they call the Faerie Tongue. This appears to be an antiquated language as many modern faeries struggle to read or understand it.

Faeries Through History

Throughout the ages, the faeries of Neopia have regaled us with tales of wisdom, courage and adventure. Somehow, after all that, they've also found time for several makeovers. Over in the history section, we have preserved the faeries of old for all to admire.

A Few Famous Faeries

There are many important Faeries in Neopia, but here are five of the most significant:

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