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Pteri Facts

Pteri Facts

Pronounced: TE-ree or P'TE-ree

Discovered: 16th May 2001

Species Day: 8th November

Native Land: Tyrannia

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The Pteri is a feathery Neopet. It has two short legs ending in broad two-toed feet, and two fairly small wings. It can be identified by the ruffled feathers on its head, by its fluffy chest, and by its long tail (which is somewhat similar to that of the Zafara). It is a medium-sized Neopet.

Pteris (occasionally written Pterii) originally come from the hot and dusty plains of Tyrannia, whose clear skies offer a perfect flying venue. They are fun-loving Neopets with a wicked sense of humour, who enjoy practical jokes. When not provided with a cosy bedroom by their owners, they like to sleep and sit on the upper branches of trees. They raise their young from eggs in soft nests lined with leaves. Despite the name similarity, Pteris do not seem to be related to the nonsentient Tyrannian creature known as the Pteradactyl.

The Pteri was introduced to the site on the 16th day of Hunting, Year Three (known to non-Neopians as May 16th, 2001), a few weeks after an earthquake in the Ice Caves revealed their Tyrannian homeland to the world. Their original art showed them in a rather hostile pose, perhaps needed in a country that was being attacked by all kinds of strange monsters and intruders at the time.

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