The Book of Ages

Captain Tuan


The captain of the Cyodrake's Gaze, Tuan, was looking for the ship's missing navigator, Hoban with the help of the crew. Hoban was finally found and Tuan promised Bonju, the chef (who pushed Hoban overboard) would be punished. In his time away from the ship, Tuan runs a Petpet farm.


If this ship is to continue sailing smoothly, then our duties must come first, sailor. Now get to it!
Well, that's... nice, but it's still no excuse for shoving him overboard.
Oh, and don't worry... since Bonju's going to spend the entire trip locked in our storeroom, you need not fear being "accidentally" pushed overboard.
Flying a sky ship isn't easy on the best of days, but when there's pirates out to raid your ship, it takes nerves of steel and some quick thinking to get through safely.
No one navigates the Cyodrake's Gaze as well as me, but please come give it a try! I need to go below deck, and the ship must continue to sail smoothly!
I always know where my ship is, any good captain does, but please, come give it a try!
Bah! Nobody, not one single person, knows how to pilot a flying ship. The way they behave, you'd think they'd never seen one in their life. Well I can't be captain for eternity, so I'm going to teach someone how to do this right. You! Come over here!

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