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Jordie is a young Kougra who seems to serve as the assistant to Roxton in his many adventures across the face of Neopia. He is quite carefree, and can often be found playing or running about.


Tumbling through tunnels around Moltara turned out to be so much fun, I've decided to make a game of it! I've gotten pretty good at it, too. Roxton never has time to play, though. I can't figure out why. Since Roxton is too busy to play with me, would you be interested?
Hey, gimme a hand here, would ya? It's getting hot down here!
Hey you..yeah you! Have you ever played dodgeball before? It's fun right? You simply dip and dodge until you're the last one standing. This is kind of like that except there's hot magma rocks and my life depends on me out would you? It'll be pressure. Ha get it pressure? Cuz to create rocks it takes..ah never mind. Let's play!
I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof! Or I guess a Kougra in a hot tin bucket... Say you wouldn't happen to be any good at dodging scalding balls of magma now would you?

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Jordie has a cousin called Ziya.

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