The Book of Ages



Zenco the Magnificent is a card game champion, and master of Dueling Decks. He's more than happy to take on new challengers to his title, but few beat him.


Hmm... which card would beat that one... oh, right! I'm supposed to match each card. Pff! That's so much easier. I don't know why anyone finds this game difficult; it's much simpler than my game.
Card flipping is my speciality, and so when a few of my opponents challenged me to take the record in this little matching game, how could I refuse? Poor fellows, they actually bet against me.
Care to play? I promise not to cheat. Eh. Then again, I don't need to cheat.
Care to play a game of cards? It's quite simple, and the rules are easy to grasp. I'm sure you'll do very well. For a while, anyway... I am the master at this game, after all.
re you really foolish enough to challenge Zenco the Magnificent? Clearly no one has told you that I am a master of Dueling Decks!

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