The Book of Ages

Light Guardian


This Primella was called to become the elemental guardian of Light when the Founder created Petaria. Regarded as the most intelligent, the Light Guardian set up home on Shadow Island, and took in the Mad Whoot as an apprentice. The Dark Guardian imprisoned the Light Guardian, but Fluffy was able to dispel the magic.


I'm in your debt for freeing me. Please help yourself to these items. I've been saving them for a special occasion.
Understand that I hold no ill will against my captor... he came to me in earnest, wishing to learn.
One day his equipment was misaligned and I became trapped in that sphere of darkness. I don't believe it was an accident.
If all the other guardians have been trapped, then the Dark Guardian may be in similar danger! You must find her and... what's that shadow?!

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During the final fight, she used the word 'Iliuk'. It is unkown if this is her name, or just part of a spell.

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