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Snow Beast


Snowbeasts (the two spellings are interchangable) are an overgrown race of Snicklebeasts running rampant all over Terror Mountain, as illustrated in the Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot. They are featured all over the website and have not been known to have nice dispositions.


We will see who the strongest is...
You felt the power of the Snow Beast!
Where'd ya go?
Get outta my way wimp!
They will cart you out of here today!
I'm comin to get ya!
I'll kick yer head!
You can't escape me...
Neopia will fear me!
Grrrr.... you will not be as lucky next time!
I'll break you in two, or three, or four...
This will be yer last hour!
These rotten Neopians want to disturb my time of resting? Well, join me and we'll show them to stay away from my mountain!
Feel my wrath.. A lack of sleep is a punishable crime...

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There are different sub-species of Snow Beast shown in the Hannah and the Ice Caves war: Flea-Ridden, Normal, Angry and Gigantic Angry Snow Beasts were the four challengers for all players on Hannah's team to battle. They looked like this:

Flea-Ridden Snow Beast Snow Beast

Angry Snow Beast

Gigantic Angry Snow Beast

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