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Illusen is a kind Earth Faerie, who lives in Meridell. At one time she lived in Faerieland, but left for reasons unknown. She helped defend Meridell during their wars, and has remained there in her glade since. Illusen sends many young Neopets out on quests, although no one knows what she plans to do with all the items she's collected.

Illusen's greatest foe is Jhudora, although no one save the two of them knows what happened between them - some even say they were once friends.

In the Darkest Faerie game, Illusen became possessed by the Darkest Faerie after the Werelupe King stole her charm (which protected her from the Darkest Faerie). Tor and Roberta recovered the charm, and in thanks, Illusen gave them the Faerie Orb, which can cut through magical barriers.


I had some spare Neopoints lying around, so I thought you may like to have them!
It's ok, take as long as you want..
The nice thing about visiting Terror Mountain is that you can enjoy snowball fights all year round! Why don't you take a break and come by? The Soup Faerie and I could use some competition. If you beat my score, I'll give you a gift...
Now I know you aren't thinking of hitting me with that snow--oof! Okay, that's it. It's snowball fight time! Bring it on!
In honour of the holiday -- I can celebrate my own holiday, right? -- I'm holding an archery tournament! ...Sir Jeran informs me that we are actually using ballistae instead of bows. I suppose that makes it a ballista tournament instead. *pouts* That doesn't have the same ring to it.
Please, young pilot, help these poor farmers by ridding the skies of these dreaded pirates! I'll even reward you for your efforts with some special earth from the forest.
Who said anything about... Well, I wouldn't exactly say close!
I suppose we were...
Ahem, yes, something like that.
Do not start this! You were the one who -
That sounds lovely!
Hush, she is right! All of these new contraptions are giving off fumes that are starting to taint the pristine water, soil, and air of Neopia. I can feel it. Although, I did come up with some alternative energy ideas with Mira and Dr Landelbrot!
I don't think thoughtful and careful are her forte... How about I just handle it myself this year and maybe next year Jhudora coul -
And here I thought it was just me. *Cough cough*
I'm fine, let's just get this over with.
Well... if we have to do this, where do you think we should hold the festival this year? I was thinking the woods nestled between Faerieland and Brightvale. Maybe we could build a tree house and cover it with blossoming flowers to add splashes of colour!
And you called my idea dull! A Faerie Festival should feel welcoming and inviting, not drab and dark. No one will want to set foot in your gothic gazebo.
Fyora told us to work together, as a team remember? You can't just throw your own festival!
Then so am I! I'll host the Official Faerie Festival in the woods just outside of Faerieland.
Since Fyora wanted us to use this Faerie Festival as an opportunity to clean up Neopia, I had the idea to start up a recycling program! Taking a page from Granny Hopbobbin's book, I've decided to offer special prizes to festival goers who pick up garbage all over to help us rejuvenate the lovely land of Neopia.
Hello, hope you have been enjoying this year's festival! I have to run a quick errand to Moltara and would love it if you would accompany me. I want to discuss my ideas for alternative energy sources with the CEO of the Moltara Obsidian Company. They refine obsidian down into a liquid that has become the fuel most of those new inventions that have been flooding Neopia run on, but the production and consumption of it give off fumes that can be very harmful to the environment! You can meet me at the new MOC building in Moltara, it's rather tall so you can't miss it.
Jhudora? What are you doing here? I thought you agreed not to blow any of these places to the sky! Or was that just another lie?
I only came here to talk with the CEO. I'm concerned about how damaging his obsidian fuel is for the air of Neopia. Plus, I suspect that he may have heard some… misinformation about the renewable energy source I've been working on.
Sir, we've come here to you today because we would love to sit down and talk over some-
Jhudora! It's not okay to mock someone's voice. Look, Monty, I am sorry about her… forwardness. I came here on my own, because I wanted to talk to you face to face, faerie to Neopet, and see if we could talk things out. It seems representatives of your company have been strongly opposed to renewable energy sources, but Dr Landelbrot has theorized that the energy given off by the sun could be harnessed without harming Neopia. The sun could provide for us just like it nourishes the plants, with clean-
This is all just some kind of joke to you!
How did you know all that?
This is getting us nowhere. He'll ramble on all day before he tells us anything about his benefactor. I think he's too scared of whoever it is to say a word.
Why what are you- *Cough cough*
Buh-bye, and good luck Monty! *Steps outside*
*Pops head back in* What was that?
You only whispered in his ear for a few seconds. What on Neopia did she say to you?
Once we are through with him. I want to see Vile brought to justice myself.
I told you I'm just fine!
Jhudora I… Hey! Jhudora, get back here!
Oh it's you, thank you for coming with me. I really appreciate the support. It wasn't easy to hear Jhudora say some of those things about me… but she has her reasons for lashing out. Can you just do me a favour and keep an ear to the ground about Malkus Vile? I need to find and stop him. Soon.
I heard Jhudora left her Festival some time ago and has yet to return. I'm starting to worry that she might be in trouble… Would you mind looking around for her? I heard she was last seen poking around Deep Catacombs under Neopia Central.
My legs, I can barely feel my legs. I'll just take a moment to rest here against the wall.
Balthazar? Stay back! I won't warn you again!
*Muffled yelling*
I still have enough magic to break free of your bottle Baltha… Jhudora! What are you doing here? I had him just where I wanted him!
And spontaneously blasting Neopets?
I don't know if he deserved quite that much. That blast of yours sure packed a wallop, will he be okay?
Let's return to Faerieland. We will tell her, together.
Speaking of which, I've actually been working on a special spell to help restore the soil of Neopia!
Look at you! And here I thought you gave up after my festival-goers were able to collect even more junk than your cronies. It's working! I can feel the Meridell vegetation breathing easy again… thank you Jhudora.
Whoever orchestrated this entire affair scares even Vile?
Could you at least pretend to be respectful in front of the Queen? *Jhudora and Illusen continue bickering as they walk back to the festivities together*
I was feeling a little under the weather this morning, so I asked some charming little Woodland Petpets to help me construct this treehouse base of operations for the festival this year! I think it looks just delightful, don't you?

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